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Last Days Matter

Helping families and friends look after their loved ones at home

Many people, understandably, feel ill-equipped to deal with the issues around end of life and are concerned that with no clinical knowledge, they will not be able to do what is needed. Many people with life shortening conditions and their families and friends told us that they are nervous about starting difficult conversations, others can feel nervous about looking after their loved ones at home.  We looked for courses about end-of-life care to help the local community and found that they are mostly designed for health professionals. St John’s Hospice has therefore worked with community colleagues to design a programme: Last Days Matter. This is a programme to support people without clinical qualifications to help look after their loved ones, be they friends or family, at home.

The Last Days Matter programme answers many of the questions and concerns patients and families frequently ask. It is a two and a half hour programme made up of five sessions. Each session focuses on a key topic and includes a short film that follows the experience of someone who has a life-shortening illness and those close to him, as well as discussion time.

The five sessions discuss these topics: planning for the future; how to care and accompany someone with a life shortening condition,  saying goodbye, recognising the signs of dying and negotiating the ‘new normal’ after someone has died. The Last Days Matter programme is led by someone who has undergone training to discuss these topics. The programme is delivered in a face-to-face environment or online: this differs according to the organisation that offers the training.

Taking part in Last Days Matter

If you would like to know more about Last Days Matter and when the next programme is running in your area please contact:

North Lancashire and South Lakes areas
St John’s Hospice – Sophy Horner – [email protected]

East & South Lancashire areas
Pendleside Hospice – Alice Thompson – [email protected]

Blackpool and Fylde areas
Trinity Hospice – Karen Newman – [email protected]

Southport and surrounding areas
Queenscourt Hospice – Dr Karen Groves – e-mail: [email protected]

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals
Linda Dewhurst – [email protected]

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