How does it feel to work for St John's Hospice?

Meet Our Staff

Meet Keith who works in the in patient ward

Keith has a long career in nursing – 5 years in hospitals and 11 years as a District Nurse. In 2013 he joined the Hospice team, so what made him choose a career with St John’s Hospice? Keith shares his story:
When I was a District Nurse, I was inevitably involved in palliative care and found it the most satisfying part of my work. I had heard many good things about St John’s and people were steering me towards working here so I took the plunge!

Palliative care suits me and my ethos – it’s about kindness and compassion which are two values that are very important to me. St John’s is the place to nurse because you can practice your values every day.

For me St John’s gets five stars as a place to be cared for and as a place to work. The professional standards run right through hospice care across all departments inside and outside the hospice. I look at the pride people take in their work: kitchen staff, housekeeping staff, the volunteers, everyone. What they give is from the heart not from a textbook. I feel supported as an employee so I am free to do what I do best – look after people. I’m blown away by how well I have been looked after as a member of staff.

It’s a beautiful environment to work in, both inside and out and everything is about the patient being the front and centre of what you do. I really like the way we work as a multi-disciplinary team. Whether you work as a nurse, doctor, therapist, social worker or support staff it’s with one aim in mind – to connect with the patient, their family and friends: it’s important that they trust me to help them do what is best.

Whether it’s been a tough day or not, I go for a walk when I leave work, before I get home. It helps separate the working day from home life so when I get home, I am relaxed and can focus on my family.

If there was one myth I could bust about St John’s is that it’s a sad place that’s all about illness because that isn’t true. I once heard a doctor say, “The illness is only part of the picture – it is the person, their family and friends, the environment and spending your time how you want to”. I remember a patient wanted to go out at night to see the stars and feel the snow on her face – so that’s what we did.
How does it feel to work for St John's Hospice?

Meet Lisa who has a non-clinical role

I knew about the hospice because of their wonderful care for members of my family. I remembered my work experience with them when I was 16 - it was a positive experience that had never left me.

When you work here you know whatever your job is that you can make a big difference. I'm the Community Fundraising Manager and love the fact that one day I am working with lots of community groups and individuals, the next day I'm raising sponsorship and the next sitting with a patient's family.  I work with colleagues across St John's and we're all here to give or support great care  and do everything we can to support our community.  It's not "just a job": I believe in what I am talking about because I'm passionate about my work and what it does for people.

Working for St John's means being in a supportive environment and feeling fulfilled. We look after each other, walk in each other's shoes and know we are all here for the same cause. You can have the hardest day yet know there is always someone to pick you up and when you go home that you've made a positive difference to a patient and their family.

I'm proud to work here - it's a calm and happy place where people reflect and make new memories. The ward is a home from home: not a hospital, and most of our care is in people's homes so please don't struggle - we can help.