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Working & Volunteering for St John’s

St John’s Hospice has been part of the local community for over 30 years and has always put local patients and families at the heart of all it does. As a charity we are proud of the outstanding work we do and by joining our team you will receive the rewarding and enjoyable experience that working for St John’s Hospice provides. You will receive job satisfaction, excellent working conditions, plenty of benefits and more.
Dedicated staff are the hospice’s greatest asset in its mission to provide consistently high standards of patient and family care. We invest time and effort in creating a culture that encourages our team to consistently achieve high standards of service. We are a charity, and charities rely on reputation. Since opening our doors in 1986, our reputation has been built on compassionate care and we welcome people to our team who understand the unique requirements of working for a charity and who are passionate about high standards of public service.

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For information about working for St John's call 01524 382538 or email [email protected]