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Specialists in palliative care


St John’s Hospice's Nourish provides free wellbeing activities for children and teachers in schools and groups across North Lancashire, South Lakes and parts of North Yorkshire.
These sessions are run by volunteers who are professionals in their areas of expertise e.g., early years, yoga, dance, mindfulness, drama, and health and wellbeing.

How does Nourish benefit school communities? 

As a Nourish school, you will be gifted a free session every term, to benefit from the work of a professional and enhance your curriculum learning. Sessions will support the mental and physical health of children and staff, plus you will have free access to the Nourish Big Picnic! At the end of the programme, your school will be accredited as a Nourish school.

The Nourish intention is to nurture and grow community relationships via the five steps for positive mental health. These are:


Making connections with school communities

Be Active

Supporting school communities with exciting challenges created by physical and mental health champions and Early Years experts 

Learn new skills

Providing opportunities for children to develop new skills to support their lifestyles


Showing school communities the positive impact of their giving to a much-loved local charity 

Be present

Paying more attention to the present moment can improve mental wellbeing. This includes thoughts and feelings, the body and the world around us 

What do schools need to do?  

Please email [email protected] and let us know...
What kind of activities you are looking for
Which days work best for you
The approximate size and age of the group we'll be working with
And leave the rest to us!

How does Nourish benefit St John’s Hospice? 

We want to empower young people to nurture their own talents and wellbeing, to encourage a rich life that's well-lived. Additionally, we us the opportunity to discuss hospice care, and death, with children in an age-appropriate manner. Many families come into contact with St John’s Hospice, and if children are familiar with St John’s Hospice via Nourish it can help children forge an early relationship with the Hospice and its place in their community. 
We do ask that each school agrees to undertake some fundraising activity for St John’s Hospice, and support will be given for this by a Hospice Fundraiser. Fundraising for St John’s Hospice can be undertaken in any way your school chooses and could include our annual Reindeer Rush/Elf Run. 
See the videos from our Virtual Nourish Picnic here