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Forget Me Not Centre

The Forget Me Not Centre at St John’s Hospice provides unique whole family bereavement support. The building, in St John’s Hospice’s grounds on Slyne Road, was generously funded by an anonymous donor.

Why it was built

A project carried out by Lancaster University, together with feedback from patients, families and staff told us that families invariably end up separated when it comes to bereavement, with different family members each going to different services, organisations or counsellors for their support. Families under our care have told us how heart breaking it is to be split up for bereavement care and how they wished St John's could continue to look after their family in this time. 

Research also tells us that the most effective type of bereavement support is family-based and prior to St John’s offering this, there was none available free of charge in our area. 

What it offers

The Forget Me Not Centre offers a safe and trusting environment for families away from their home and the main Hospice building, for psychological support.

We provide tailored therapeutic support for children and young people on an individual basis to help develop coping skills, which could also be as part of a group, or as a family. We will offer children's peer support groups to help children share their experiences with each other and express their grief. Support will be for children and young people of different ages and families, to meet your individual needs. Support for adults individually has always been available and will continue, to help them individually and help their family.

Family activities will be arranged to give that very important time to help families heal.

Supporting children and whole families at the Forget Me Not Centre

Children and young people cope better when they are told honestly about their loved one's illness in a way they can understand. They need to know that their loved one is seriously ill, and what may happen. Without the right support, the loss of a loved one in childhood can lead to significant bereavement issues which will influence many areas of their life. The new centre will allow whole families to receive bereavement support, before and after their loved one has died, aiming to provide a brighter future for young people and families.

Who can use it? 

The facility will serve families in North Lancashire, South Lakes and part of North Yorkshire, both at the centre near Lancaster, and out in the community; in homes and supporting schools.
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