Specialists in palliative care

Hospice at Home

Our community teams offer Hospice at Home, Clinical Nurse Specialists support, night sitting and respite care.

What is the Hospice at Home team?

The St John’s Hospice at Home team is a dedicated group of Nurses and Health Care Assistants, who are skilled and experienced in caring for people in the last few weeks of life. They provide this care in patient’s homes from Grasmere to Garstang and from Sedbergh to Morecambe including remote areas.

What we are

If you need palliative care, and you are being cared for at home, we are here to help support you as much as we can. Our team members aim to make you feel comfortable, listen to your concerns and check if your family or carers need any other support.

We work closely with District Nursing teams and GPs, making sure palliative patients have the extra attention and specialist care they need. Our service works alongside them, not instead of them.

The team provides practical advice and support for you, your carers and family. We can assist with a wide range of symptoms, such as managing breathing difficulties, nausea and pain, to help you be as comfortable as possible in your own home. The team can also provide skin care, hygiene care, mouth care and preventative care to avoid issues such as pressure sores. If needed, our Registered Nurses can administer urgent medicines if necessary.

What type of care does Hospice at Home provide?

Symptom Management

Including monitoring your condition and your changing needs, while offering ongoing support and advice to family and carers.

Emotional and Psychological Support

With feelings and emotions that are troubling you such as anxiety, next steps and planning for the future. We are here to listen to you, to find out what’s important to you as a patient or carer.

Telephone Advice

Because we know how vital it is to have someone to speak to when you are worried or anxious, and when things are changing. Our team is only a phone call away, seven days a week, between 7am and 10 pm.

Complementary Therapies

Our complementary therapist offers short sessions alongside your usual nursing and medical care to help you cope emotionally, physically and mentally. It may help ease physical symptoms too, as well as helping with sleep and rest.

Palliative Respite Care/Nightsitting

Is where one of the St John’s Hospice at Home team come to sit and care for you in your own home either during the day or overnight. This allows your family or carer to time to themselves or to rest, knowing you are being looked after.

Carol and her Mum Alice told us about the St John’s Hospice at Home service and the difference their care has made.  Carol and Alice have known about St John's Hospice but only really knew about the Hospice at Home service when mum Alice went to stay on the inpatient ward. 

Carol said her mum said that she felt very comfortable on the inpatient ward, she didn’t feel rushed and nothing was too much trouble. Alice said she enjoyed being pampered and the lovely garden views! Alice then went home to the care of the Hospice at Home team, which has also been a very positive and caring experience. The Hospice at Home service was new to them both, and just as welcome as the care of the inpatient ward. The progression from the inpatient ward to being cared for at home was logical. 

Carol said, “I have weekly phone calls from Hospice at Home to check in with the nurse team about mum’s progress. I also ring them for advice and reassurance, knowing I can call at any time and like mum, will be listened to.  The nurses also speak to Mum directly and mum really likes these chats – it’s another example of staff being thorough. 

“Without the St John’s home team, it’s been tricky, we live in a quiet area that is across two county borders and in the past, it has been difficult to access services. That’s not the case with St John’s, you can always count on them, knowing they are there is like an extra branch of support. As a family we feel as if everyone at St John’s is working together for mum: they’re all the same page. When mum left the Hospice inpatient ward to come home the ward and hospice at home teams had spoken – it made me feel more secure to have this follow up. 

“The Hospice team is reliable – you know if they say they’ll do it they will. It may not sound much yet it reduces anxiety which is wearying. You actually know these people and they know you – it makes a difference to not be just a number. 

“My brother lives away and is more relaxed about mum’s care; now he knows the Hospice services are there for mum, he’s very impressed and it has reduced his anxiety too.” 

You may not see the Hospice at Home team in the same way you see a hospice building, yet they are there in people’s homes across north Lancashire, south Lakes and parts of north Yorkshire. They carry out hundreds of visits and make thousands of calls every year.

Carol & Alice

How do I get referred to the Hospice to Home team?

Anyone can refer you to Hospice at Home. This includes any healthcare professional, such as your GP or District Nurse as well as family or friends. You are also able to self-refer if you prefer.

All referrals are assessed to ensure that the right St John’s service can meet your need. St John’s works closely with your District Nurse team so if we aren’t the right team for your particular situation, we will liaise with them and others to help make sure you get to the right person.

Do I need to pay?

All our caring services are only possible because of our supporters. We are not part of the NHS, we are a local charity providing care, which costs over £5 million per year.

We receive around 30% of our core funding from the government. That means that we rely on our wonderful community and fundraising activities to raise the remaining 70%. We have to fundraise every day to ensure that our services remain available and free of charge to everyone when they need us most.

If you would like to help St John’s by donating some money, some time, support, goods for our shops or anything at all that you think could help us, please ask to speak to our Fundraising team.

What is the difference between St John’s Hospice at Home Nurses and other nurses?

St John’s specialises in end-of-life care and with this the physical, physiological, spiritual and emotional care that is needed, both for the patient and their family. This is sometimes known as holistic care because it looks at all elements of care. It has also been described as a ‘hospice hug’ because the care is wrapped around you.

What if I have more questions?

The team is available 7 days a week: 7am – 10pm in North Lancashire and 9am – 5pm in South Lakes. If you would like more information or have questions about the St John’s Hospice at Home team, you can contact us 7 days a week on: 01524 384887.

St John’s Hospice has over 35 years of palliative care experience, so you are in good hands. We are here for you and your family or carers.

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