An early start for some of the trekkers as they wanted to take advantage of last minute shopping in Kathmandu. We then were met by our guides for the final time as we set off sightseeing. Traffic in Kathmandu certainly makes Lancaster-traffic  look like a walk in the park.! We arrived at monkey palace to be greeted by many wild monkeys surrounding this amazing monument. Local Nepalese people were selling their wares as we took this opportunity to take in some culture and enjoy one of the top visited sights in Nepal.

Our second trip was somewhat quite unusual for us as westerners as we visited a Hindu cremation site. Hindu’s are cremated within 24 hours of their death and they are taken to Pashupatinath Temple by their family for first a ceremony which involves holy water from the river being poured over their bodies by family members as they say goodbye. Their bodies are then placed on a concrete stand where they are covered with wood and sheaths and cremated on the banks of the river in the Ghat area. Their ashes are then brushed into the river and the process starts again for the next family. With over 80% of the 6 million population of Nepal being Hindu this was a very busy and special place which gave us all chance to reflect.

Our last site of the day was a visit to The Boudhanath Stupa, which is the biggest Stupa in the world.  Monks from around the world come to this iconic place to worship and we had the pleasure to visit and experience this in our final hours in Kathmandu.

All three impressive sites allowed us to reflect the religious culture and heritage of Kathmandu.

As we await our flight to Dubai our adventures are drawing to a close and we have created life long memories.

We are looking forward to seeing family and friends back home and thank you all for following our wonderful and inspiring journey online.

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