Last night, after dinner we had a surprise from the local women’s group from the village, quite fitting as it was International Women’s Day. They trekked to our campsite to surprise is with native music and traditional dancing whilst they demonstrated an early celebration of the “festival of colour.” Most of the trekkers embraced the dancing and we were privileged to be joining in the celebrations at 1800 metres.

This morning, we awoke to the most beautiful scenery you could imagine, the trekkers were amazed at what they saw. Fresh pancakes and omelettes awaited us in our mountain-top mess tent as we fuelled up ready for our long trek to Tara Hill Top.

With the camp dismantled we trekked through the jungle with the summit ahead of us and in our sights. Each step was more breathtaking than the last, but equally as strenuous as the heat and humidity of the jungle continued to challenge us until we reached the top.

Throughout the day our spirits were kept high by our new unofficial leader, Becky, who kept the team in check and ensured that we didn’t lose anyone along the way! Ken, our official group leader, suggested a pop trivia game and that certainly helped keep our brains working.

We arrived at Tara Hill Top with emotions running high as we realised what we had achieved in the last six hours. We had climbed an additional 1254 metres – a greater ascension than if we had climbed Mount Snowdon! We set up camp at Tara Hill Top, the highest point in our entire trek.

Throughout the day, team work and support for each other has shone through and it has been the glue that has stuck us together.

Another delicious home cooked meal by our chef and his team and all our kit has been carried all day by the hardworking, strong and dedicated Sherpas.

Tonight our trekkers are sleeping in the clouds, with hope for blue skies and a panoramic view of the Himalayas for tomorrow morning.

After being told not to worry about leeches as “it is not their season,” three of the 13 trekkers (or 23% if you ask Gez) have been attacked! The little blood sucking devils have made seven indentations on the stricken trekkers, on Mo’s shin and on Matthews legs – which all warranted attention by the camp medic. We told you that we weren’t going on holiday!


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