The trekkers morning started with a wake up call from our guides with hot drinks and hot water bowls to prepare us for our day of trekking. When we looked out of our tents we were greeted with the most amazing view of Machapuchare (Fishtail Mountain).

Freshly cooked breakfast of porridge, eggs and toast greeted our trekkers and mars bars, bounty’s and bananas were provided for our mid morning snack.

Sunscreen and insect spray applied and we were ready to go. We started the trail through rice fields and past villages before we crossed our third suspension bridge across a wide stream making a gradual climb to our camp at 1850 metres (6150 feet ) . On the way up we passed a local school and many lovely villagers who thoroughly enjoyed coming to greet us. With the temperature having been at over 25 degrees centigrade all day it was thirsty work and thankfully a tea hut near the top provided us with much needed refreshments.  The opportunity to sit in the shade and take a well earned rest was greatly appreciated by everyone.

Our goal was in sight and we could see the Mandir (temple) at the top of the hill. We climbed the equivalent of 196 floors, 21,000 steps and gained over a km in height! An impressive 5 hour trekking in full sun!

Lunch on the mountain surprised us all with french fries, coleslaw and a hot spam butty!! We then had an afternoon chilling out and admiring our breathtaking view whilst some of the trekkers enjoyed soaking their feet in detol and others  took the opportunity to go native in the shower! (Only the brave did this!! )

An afternoon of laughter, rest and some entertainment provided by the local villagers took us into the night where we were treated to yet another delicious meal.

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