After going to bed in the clouds we woke to the awesome sight of the Annapurna range. As each trekker awoke the sounds of amazement came and the cameras were out. It had been a cold night with frost on the outside of our tents but this view we worked so hard to reach yesterday was ours now, for the early part of the morning.

Once camp was cleared away we started our 700 metres descent through the jungle. We crossed many streams and uneven under-paths which were challenging to the trekkers but at all times we worked together. A couple of the group unfortunately slipped on more than one occasion, no names mentioned, but every time someone was there to help them up and support them along their way. We laughed, we joked, we supported each other and we listened as we started to realise what we had achieved yesterday and what we had to come.

The scenery was spectacular as we started to see the villages in the distance and our campsite in Parche next to the village of Silks. As we came over the hills we were faced with a herd of buffalo which caused a little stir amongst the group – especially when they started to wander next to our tents! With vultures circling above us we really were in the wild. A football stadium in mid-construction was next to our camp and villagers were playing in bare feet, desperate to be like their footballing idols, unfortunately with no funding they think it will take 10 years to complete the stadium.

Once our bags were taken off our tired shoulders, we were treated to another wonderful lunch before we sat together outside wondering what we could do to keep ourselves busy in the afternoon.

So the hot water bowls came out and the Dettol went in and the foot spa was open!  With a hot drink in one hand we shared many a giggle with both male and female trekkers enjoying a foot soak. Conversation flowed and with many of the trekkers feeling that they could really do with washing their hair – Silks salon was born! With trekker Linda at the helm we all had a shampoo and head massage, a couple had to be done in the rain, and before long we had an audience. The villagers selling their gifts, the Sherpas and fellow trekkers all waited patiently for their turn. We laughed, we cried and we shared such fun moments together that we never anticipated and will never forget.

Before we knew it it was time for tea and then a Nepalese music/dance evening with the women’s union from the village who fund the development of the trekking paths. Being able to share their culture and support their work meant a lot to the trekkers and the women from the union were equally grateful for our support.

With the temperature a little warmer at camp we prepared ourselves for our last full day of trekking on Wednesday and with more memories to make the trekkers were still full of excitement not wanting this trek to end.

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