Meet Ursula who visited the inpatient ward recently.
Ursula from Windermere is 91, a mum, a grandma and a great grandma! She has also been ‘mum’ to several Yorkie dogs over the years. Ursula recently visited St John’s for pain management and kindly shared her experiences with us.
“I have a tumour which was causing constant pain so it was suggested that I came to St John’s for help. I hadn’t been to St John’s Hospice before, so my first thought was, “Why would I go to a Hospice when I’m not dying?”
“When I got here it was such an eye-opener. It’s nothing like a hospital and it’s unbelievable. The minute you come through the hospice doors and meet the reception team you feel the love everywhere. The nurses and doctors are like a gift, sent to help you and to sort everything out – they just give so much. It doesn’t stop there; the housekeeping staff keep everywhere spotless and the hospitality staff bring your food when you feel it’s the right time to eat. The food is wonderful, especially the chicken soup! Food is important to me as when I came here I really didn’t want to eat because of the pain but now I’m eating more and the fact it’s all homemade is wonderful. If I can’t eat something, then the kitchen team will make a little something else for me it’s like staying in The Ritz!
“Everyone here understands that it’s the little things that make a difference: a chat, a treat, a soak in the bath or peaceful time to read a book. They’re one special team working together to make everything just right for patients.
“They’ve also been so kind to my visitors, guests such as my nieces have been made to feel very welcome and even their visiting dogs were allowed in too. It’s been lovely to stay here, and even though I’m looking forward to going back home I have loved every minute of it.
“This is a very special charity – thank you for supporting St John’s Hospice so that it’s here to help people like me.”