Irene and Gary Denman won the third prize of £500 in the our Superdraw, and have chosen to donate £250 straight back to the Hospice. 

Their daughter, Liz, received Hospice care and sadly died in September from cancer. 

Gary said “St John’s Hospice were amazing when looking after Liz, and we wanted to start fundraising for them. We bought tickets for the Christmas Superdraw, and we never imagined we’d win anything! It felt right to give some of the money back to the Hospice straight away, and we used the rest to take all of our family out for a great day in Liz’s name. 

“Having Liz as a daughter is a blessing and losing her is tragic. We will miss her so much, but our spiritual connection with her will continue. Liz’s presence will always be with us until we meet her again to enjoy her beauty, her kindness, her smile, her laugh, her sense of fun, her friendship, and love that has always filled her heart.” 

The Denman’s remain committed to fundraising for St John’s after the care Liz received – winning this money through the Christmas Superdraw was a welcome head start for them. 

Karen Gillespie, Lottery Lead here at St John’s Hospice, said “We are so grateful to Mr and Mrs Denman for their generosity! Their donation and those from other supporters will help this charity to care for more people like Liz both here in the Hospice and out in the community. In just less than 10 years, the St John’s Hospice Lottery has raised more than £1 million to fund patient care. You may think a one-off £1 raffle ticket or £1 a week in the St John’s Hospice Lottery doesn’t make much of a difference – but it absolutely does make a huge and positive difference to patients and families in your community.” 

The Christmas Superdraw is one of two annual extensions to the St John’s Hospice lottery, where players can buy a one-off ticket to win guaranteed cash prizes of up to £5,000. 

If you’re interested in playing the St John’s Hospice weekly lottery, click here to sign up and find full terms and conditions. Always gamble responsibly, players must by 16 or over.