Our Emirates flight from Manchester went without a hitch and we were all pleased to be finally on our way on our amazing adventure. With too many movies on offer the trekkers were torn between staying up, catching some much needed rest or simply playing solitaire!

Our 4.30 am UK team briefing took place after we had walked round in circles whilst too many chefs were shouting “we need to go to gate ‘F’.” The problem being every sign seemed to have the letter ‘F’ on it!

Once settled we took the lead from our tour leaders, Ken and Lindsey, regarding our plan of action and what we would do once we got to Kathmandu.

Excitement was running high and spirits were good as we then awaited our next flight after a 4-5 hour layover. With some trekkers needing some much required food although working out whether to eat breakfast or lunch was the tricky bit. When do we adopt our new time zone? McDonalds gave some of them a home comfort choice.

Our next flight allowed us all to share Mo’s and Paul’s birthday cake, well at least for those still awake.

We were greeted at the airport with a beautiful sunset and flower garlands by our crew and hosts for the week, Snowy Horizons and Bodha our chief guide.

Luggage placed in rooms then a quick 10 minutes to get changed and out for a home cooked traditional meal in a local restaurant.

Tired faces tonight and still need to pack bags ready for 6 am meet for the breakfast.

Travelling done for today… tomorrow Pokhara here we come…

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