Former teacher Gregory Lambert took on the ‘Race to the Castle’ 100km course for St John’s Hospice. 

Gregory challenged himself to the gruelling race in honour of his friend and former colleague, Colin Crashley, who received care from St John’sGregory and Colin worked together at St Aidan’s School in Poulton-le-Fylde, before Colin moved to work at Ripley St Thomas in Lancaster. 

The route included tough terrain and beautiful scenery in the Northumberland national park, winding through stunning moorland and ancient woodland, finishing on the coast at Bamburgh Castle. 

Gregory quite literally ran non-stop, taking 14 ½ hours to complete the course that is nearly the length of three marathons, just days before his 70th birthday. He said “Running 100 kilometres is actually very hard physically and mentally. Especially when the unrelenting, horizontal rain and wind chills you to the core. It was totally brutal! 

“There was squelchy, thick mud so my feet were continually wet and I lost feeling in my toes. It made for such a difficult race.” 

Despite the difficult and challenging conditions, Gregory said “The memory of so many happy days with Colin kept me going right to the end. Lots of people had given me their support through donations, which made me determined to finish the race. 

Lisa, the fundraising manager at St John’s, said “What a way to honour someone who was such a good friend! I am always amazed by our wonderful fundraisers and the things they do to support St John’s Hospice. We rely on the money supporters raise so that we can continue to be here for the many patients and families who need us. What Gregory has done is absolutely incredible! I’m sure Colin would have been very proud. 

Gregory’s Just Giving page is still open, if you would like to donate.