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Bereavement Support

The Bereavement Service supports people in North Lancashire and South Lakes catchment area who have been bereaved.

When someone dies who is known to St John’s Hospice and specialist palliative care services, the bereavement team is available to support them.

Since no two people experience loss in the same way there is no way of knowing how this will affect us, or how long it will last. Grief is a natural healing response to bereavement but may cause powerful feelings that can be difficult to understand. Bereavement may also encompass many changes as we adjust to our future without someone who has meant so much to us.

We hold A Time to Remember service here four times a year, to which we invite relatives of those who have been in our care.

What is Bereavement Support?

Bereavement support is the opportunity to talk through the effects of your loss, with a trained individual who can listen without being overwhelmed by your feelings. We can speak to you on the phone to arrange a support meeting. Sometimes, it can be difficult to explain our feelings and everyone chooses to do this in their own way. You will receive a letter offering information and support. However, please do not think that you have to wait to hear from us, you are welcome to contact us by telephoning the Bereavement Service Co-ordinator on 01524 382538.

If you wish to talk, arrange a support meeting or require information relating to your bereavement, someone from the Bereavement Service will usually contact you within 6-10 weeks following your bereavement. Support meetings may last for about an hour and be arranged as frequently as you need from weekly to monthly. Some people like to talk about how they are feeling months, or even years, later. If this happens to you, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Information you may find useful…

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