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Working for St John’s Hospice

Working for St John’s Hospice

Dedicated staff are the hospice’s greatest asset in its mission to provide consistently high standards of patient and family care. We invest time and effort in creating a culture that encourages our team to consistently achieve high standards of service. We are a charity, and charities rely on reputation. Since opening our doors in 1986, our reputation has been built on compassionate care and we welcome people to our team who understand the unique requirements of working for a charity and who are passionate about high standards of public service.

WHAT’s it really like to work at St John’s hospice?   Meet keith, who works on the inpatient unit

Keith has a long career in nursing – 5 years in hospitals and 11 years as a District Nurse. In 2013 he joined the Hospice team, so what made him choose a career with St John’s Hospice? Keith shares his story:

When I was a District Nurse, I was inevitably involved in palliative care and found it the most satisfying part of my work. I had heard many good things about St John’s and people were steering me towards working here so I took the plunge!

Palliative care suits me and my ethos – it’s about kindness and compassion which are two values that are very important to me. St John’s is the place to nurse because you can practice your values every day.

For me St John’s gets five stars as a place to be cared for and as a place to work. The professional standards run right through hospice care across all departments inside and outside the hospice. I look at the pride people take in their work: kitchen staff, housekeeping staff, the volunteers, everyone. What they give is from the heart not from a textbook. I feel supported as an employee so I am free to do what I do best – look after people. I’m blown away by how well I have been looked after as a member of staff.

It’s a beautiful environment to work in, both inside and out and everything is about the patient being the front and centre of what you do. I really like the way we work as a multi-disciplinary team. Whether you work as a nurse, doctor, therapist, social worker or support staff it’s with one aim in mind – to connect with the patient, their family and friends: it’s important that they trust me to help them do what is best.

Whether it’s been a tough day or not, I go for a walk when I leave work, before I get home. It helps separate the working day from home life so when I get home, I am relaxed and can focus on my family.

If there was one myth I could bust about St John’s is that it’s a sad place that’s all about illness because that isn’t true. I once heard a doctor say, “The illness is only part of the picture – it is the person, their family and friends, the environment and spending your time how you want to”. I remember a patient wanted to go out at night to see the stars and feel the snow on her face – so that’s what we did.


Clinical Team

We offer excellent careers in palliative care covering a range of medical, nursing and multi-professional disciplines. This includes nurses, doctors, nursing auxiliaries, allied health professionals and a family support team. We also expect our clinical team to support the wider aims of the hospice by being ambassadors for the care we provide. Working conditions are excellent with ratios of staff to patients higher than in the NHS on our in-patient unit and in our Community Services team.

Non-Clinical Team

In addition to clinical roles, our team is made up of a variety of different disciplines from administration staff, to fundraisers, finance support staff, chefs and housekeepers. Their practical support keeps the hospice running smoothly and allows us to do what we do best – care for patients. Although not actively involved in clinical care, non-clinical staff have patient contact and that is why we hand-pick people for their personal attributes as much as their skills and abilities. Again, being a member of the non-clinical team at St. John’s means that we expect you to be an ambassador for the charity above and beyond the requirements of your job role.

Staff Benefits


Competitive salary for the local area.


Employees enjoy a generous holiday entitlement of 27 days (plus bank holidays) for full time employees with pro-rata holiday entitlement for part-time employees.


We offer a non-contributory pension scheme, fully stakeholder compliant and to which, if desired, you can contribute up to the statutory maximum. Currently the hospice contributes 8% to the stakeholder pension scheme. Employees that are existing members of the NHS Pension scheme may be able to continue their contributions, subject to their ability to meet the eligibility criteria under the scheme.


A range of in house training programmes and opportunities for our employees are available to develop and enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence to ensure consistent high-quality patient and family care.

As a specialist provider of palliative care, we also provide a range of high quality training and education in End of Life and Palliative Care to the wider health care community and general public.


We offer generous maternity and paternity benefits to our employees subject to a qualifying period.


All permanent employees have ‘death in service benefit’ of 2 years annual salary from the first day of employment, which forms part of their pension provision.


Free parking is available on site at St John’s Hospice, Slyne Road, Lancaster.

Employees are able to take advantage of the Cycle to work scheme.

A car lease scheme is also available for all permanent employees.


The health, safety and welfare of our employees is very important to St John’s Hospice and we offer a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme.

From the first day of employment permanent employees will become members of Westfield Health who provide a range of services, including cash back on dental, optical and therapy treatments.

The hospice has an on-site Occupational Health Service to support employees in the workplace.

Employees are encouraged to participate in clinical supervision on a regular basis.

The hospice has favourable membership rates for health and fitness organisations in the local area. Details are available from the HR department.


Employees are able to access our spiritual care services and a multi faith worship facility is available for everyone to use and to participate in spiritual care events and services.


Hospice employees have access to a will making service. Local solicitors provide a free service in return for a donation to the hospice.


There are numerous opportunities to become involved in social and fundraising events, held locally, in aid of the hospice.


Employees have the opportunity to save monthly for Christmas via our payroll.


Employees have access to refreshment facilities on-site and can order sandwiches and snacks on a daily basis.

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