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Wills Month

Update! Thank you to everyone who made their Will through Wills Month 2022, and to all our partner solicitors for donating their time and expertise! Wills Month will be back in 2023.

After a successful Wills Fortnight, it returns as St John’s Hospice’s first ever Wills Month in February 2022.

If you have any questions about making a Will or Wills Month please contact:

Stuart Nelson – Relationship Manager – [email protected]
Call 01524 382538 or text ‘WILLS’ plus your name and address to 78900.

Why Wills Matter?

Making a Will is a very important decision and not to be taken lightly. After all, your lifetime wealth and your belongings are things you’ve worked hard for and it’s reasonable that you should be the one who decides what happens to them after your death. If you don’t, the law decides for you and the result might not be what you want.

A professionally drafted Will makes sure that your wishes are clearly understood and specifies who you want to appoint to make sure that they are adhered to. This person or persons is/are your Executors and can be family members, friends or, quite often, the firm of solicitors that helped you with your Will. The choice is yours and like everything else in your Will, it can be changed at a future date.

Is it difficult and costly to make a will?

No. All you need to do is decide who will benefit and how, then choose the right individual or people to make sure it happens after your death.
Take advantage of St John’s Hospice Wills Month and there is no cost.

DO I have to make a donation or leave a gift to the hospice?

St John’s Hospice are fortunate to have a partnership with a number of valued local law firms who, during the St John’s Hospice Wills Month in February 2022, can help you write or change your Will quickly and inexpensively. These local solicitors provide their time and services to you free of charge during this month.

In return, we would encourage a donation to your Hospice. How much you donate is entirely your decision but as a guide we would suggest £175 for a single basic Will or £250 for a pair of basic mirror Wills.

By encouraging supporters to make a Will we are, of course, hoping that you will make a donation in lieu of the solicitors’ charges. We would also hope that, after your loved ones are taken care of, you might consider leaving your Hospice a gift, however small, to help support our work into the future. Your generosity will make a big difference to our patients both now and in years to come.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD A Wills Month leaflet



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