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4. Will Writing Service

We have a will writing service that enables you and your partner to make your will in return for a voluntary donation to St John’s Hospice, using qualified solicitors who provide their time and expertise free of charge.

The scheme is intended for anyone in our local community, including our supporters, or their partners, and our patients and you wish to make a relatively simple will. You can discuss more complex requirements with our solicitors however they may wish to make a charge for this extra work.

You don’t have to include a gift to St John’s Hospice when you use our will writing service, but we do hope you’ll consider it, after you’ve provided for your loved ones.

Here’s how it works

  • Telephone or email the Legacies Office on 01524 382538 or email [email protected] to arrange for an introduction
  • We will introduce you to one of our solicitors who will arrange to meet you, and after your will has been written you can make a donation to St John’s Hospice via the solicitor
  • Providing it is a relatively straightforward will the solicitor will not charge you for their professional services

Why is making a will so important?

If you aren’t married, writing a will can protect your partner.

If you live with a partner you’re not married to, even if you have children together, you cannot inherit anything from their estate, and they cannot inherit anything from yours, unless you make your wishes known in a will.

If you die without a will, your estate will go to your blood relatives, and nothing to your partner. So our Will Service is a good way to protect those most important to you, whoever they are.

Why does St John’s Hospice provide a Will writing Service?

We provide the will writing service, with the generous support of our partner law firms, because it is so important for people to plan for the future and make their wishes known by making a will. We will promote wills whenever and wherever we can, you’re never too young to plan ahead. Also, due to the generous nature of our partner law firms, your donation for the will goes directly towards helping patients in our community.

A lot of people include a gift in their will to St John’s Hospice while they are using this service. You don’t have to. But we do hope you’ll consider it. Remember, a gift of any size will play an important part of our care for future generations.

If you need any further information, simply get in touch with our our Legacies Officer. You can ring the hospice on 01524 382538 or email [email protected]

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