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Wills Month 2022 – This year make a resolution that matters


New Year is seen as a new start for many, and also a great chance to reflect. Creating or updating a Will is an important job that often gets put off until ‘another day’, but now you can book a date in February to make or update your Will thanks to an initiative of St John’s Hospice supported by many local solicitors. 

For the whole of February, St John’s Hospice will be running a ‘Wills Month’, where individuals can make their all-important Will with one of many local solicitors who will waive their professional fees. 

To get stated on your Will:
Text WILLS and your name and address to 78900 or visit You can also call St John’s on 01524 382538 to ask for a ‘Wills Month Pack’.

Many people avoid making a Will because they think it is morbid or that they don’t need one yet, but if you die without a Will, the law will decide who gets your money and belongings, and this may not be what you want for your family and friends. 

People with an up-to-date Will tend to be more relaxed because they know their personal wishes will be carried out. 

Maddy Bass, director of nursing and quality at St John’s Hospice, explained “People nearing the end of their life are often calmer knowing that they have a Will in place and their wishes are clear. At an already upsetting time, Wills help to prevent unnecessary stress for you and your loved ones. Wills can always be updated if situations change, so it’s worth making your Will sooner rather than later.” 

Stuart Nelson, relationships manager at St John’s Hospice, said “Making your Will is surprisingly straight forward, but incredibly important. Without a Will in place, the law decides how your money and belongings are distributed. This can make things very difficult for an already grieving family. My job has shown me that people don’t need to wait until the very end of their life to write a Will, arranging it sooner brings you peace to know your Will is in place for the ones you love.” 

‘Wills Month’ has a roster of solicitors from all over North Lancashire, the South Lakes and parts of North Yorkshire who have donated their time for St John’s Hospice, to help local people write or update their Will. Your Will is professionally prepared by your chosen solicitor, and rather than paying the solicitors for their service, you are invited to make a donation to St John’s Hospice. 

Find out more about Wills Month by texting WILLS and your name and address to 78900 or visit You can also call St John’s on 01524 382538 to ask for a ‘Wills Month Pack’. 

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