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Why Leaving a Will Matters

If you have any questions about making a Will please contact: Stuart Nelson – Relationship Manager – [email protected] or call 01524 382538

Why Wills Matter?

Making a Will is a very important decision and not to be taken lightly. After all, your lifetime wealth and your belongings are things you’ve worked hard for and it’s reasonable that you should be the one who decides what happens to them after your death. If you don’t, the law decides for you and the result might not be what you want.

A professionally drafted Will makes sure that your wishes are clearly understood and specifies who you want to appoint to make sure that they are adhered to. This person or persons is/are your Executors and can be family members, friends or, quite often, the firm of solicitors that helped you with your Will. The choice is yours and like everything else in your Will, it can be changed at a future date.

Making Will is also a final opportunity to support the causes and charities that are important to you.

Many patients and families decide to leave a gift to St John’s Hospice in their Will. This generous act allows St John’s to continue to freely offer care in the Hospice and out across our communities. Watch our video to find our why some people are leaving gifts to their local hospice.

Is it difficult and costly to make a will?

No. All you need to do is decide who will benefit and how, then choose the right individual or people to make sure it happens after your death.

St John’s Hospice has a partnership with Fairwill, allowing you to make a Will online or over the phone for free. Click to visit our Fairwill page to find out more.


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