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Volunteers Week 2020

Hello everyone, the 1st – 7th June is National Volunteers Week and it’s a week in the year that I always really enjoy because it’s time for us to celebrate the work that you as our fabulous hospice volunteer team do for us every single day.

There are about 570 volunteers currently working at the hospice in 38 different roles and quite simply without you we wouldn’t have this hospice and I have to say that at the moment not having you around is the strangest feeling of all.

I cannot tell you how much we miss your spirits and your energy and the challenge and just the warmth that you bring to this place. It’s very odd without you being around and very odd, not being able to nip into one of our shops and buy an outfit!

I really miss seeing you around and about and I know I speak for my colleagues when I say that it’s very different without you all.

I know many of you have been in touch to ask when you might be able to come back to the hospice and ‘who knows’ is the simple answer to that. I think we all are getting used to be uncertainty of life and in the hospice particularly we are so keen that we only have people back in the building when it’s safe to do so.

I think if you could see the staff on the front line and all those supporting the work of the moment you would be incredibly proud, but we are proud of you as well. We’re proud of you that you can to stay away with such grace and dignity.

We’re proud of the fact that you write and you tell us how much you long to be back here and believe me we cannot wait for that day to come but we just want to make sure that day comes and we do it safely and properly.

So in National Volunteers Week on behalf of everyone at St John’s Hospice, I just want to say to you, a huge thank you to you and we really look forward to having our fabulous volunteer family back in the fold very soon.

Thank You

Sue McGraw
St John’s Hospice – Chief Executive

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