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Putting the “trustee” in volunteers!

Volunteer TrusteesAt St John’s Hospice we have a dedicated army of over 400 volunteers; from florists, hairdressers, drivers, shops assistants, housekeeping, counsellors, receptionists and maintenance… to trustees.

The last role in that list stands out, because a lot of people don’t understand what a trustee does, and how vitally important they are to a charity’s success and development. St John’s Hospice is no different; we have a board made up of 13 wonderful trustees.

What do trustees do?

Trustees are a group of people with talent and experience from a wide range of careers and industries, from nursing and medicine, to finance, law, retail, marketing, property etc.; they form a group that is wholly responsible for steering and guiding the hospice, and making sure it is achieving its goals and reaching its potential. They also have legal responsibility for the hospice. In short, they are responsible for making sure we are doing what we were set up to do, and doing it well!

All trustee positions are voluntary; they don’t receive a penny for sharing their time, knowledge and expertise, just like the rest of 400 hospice volunteers. All of them give their time for different and personal reasons, but they all have the hospice cause at heart.

They meet once a quarter as a group, but also regularly in smaller sub-committees with hospice management. Many of our trustees also show support in other ways, by supporting our events or volunteering in other areas too.

Here at St John’s we thank our volunteers loudly and regularly, and rightly so, because it isn’t an overstatement to say that St John’s Hospice wouldn’t and couldn’t exist without our volunteers. Thank you to our trustees, who spend most of their time working hard behind the scenes, for their time, dedication, expertise and passion for their little known volunteer role as a trustee.

Would you like to become a trustee?

We are currently looking to fill two roles on our Board of Trustees with particular experience in finance and retail. If you have the professional skills and the ideas and passion for helping your local hospice, and would like to give something back to your community, please email the Chief Executive at [email protected] for more information. You can view the profiles of our current board members HERE.

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