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Trek resources


Below are some resources that you may find useful on the run up to the trek, whether that be with your fundraising or getting all your essentials ready! Click on the headings above to jump straight to that section, or simply scroll down to read through each item.

Sponsor Forms

If you are struggling with your fundraising please don’t forget about the sponsor forms! These are such an easy way to raise money from friends, family or colleagues. Send one round your office and see how much you can get back!

Sponsor FormS

Sponsor forms – part proceeds 


Please use the below for any of your upcoming events – if you do need a hand please let us know. Remember to use the one with the correct information!

Poster template – full proceeds

Poster template – part proceeds 

Kit list

I know our departure to the Sahara seems like a million miles away, but you’ll be surprised how quickly it comes around. The kit list has a full breakdown of what you may need and if you leave it until the last minute it could make an expensive shopping trip! Why not buy yourself one or 2 items a month to spread the costs  – you could even add some of it to your Christmas list!

Kit List

Medical Forms

If anybody is struggling to download this form please see below. These need completing and returning to the Hospice as soon as possible.

Medical Questionnaire 

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