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The Red Dress

Hello, I’m Katie and this is my beautiful Prom Dress.

This is the dream dress that I saw and set my heart on. My mum was a single mum doing her fantastic best for me, she wanted me to have my dream dress so worked extra shifts to make it happen. The evening I wore this dress was one of the best times ever.

So why am I donating it to St John’s Hospice? Because it is my way of donating funds for the Hospice to say thank you for all it has done for my family. Some years ago after many happy family campervan holidays with my mum, grandma and Uncle Brian – visiting Wales, walking in the woods, camping and treating his sweet tooth, my Uncle Brian fell ill. My Uncle Brian had cancer and eventually he came to St John’s Hospice for his last days where he was treated with love and kindness.

Sadly last year my grandma fell ill, yet we managed to tick off some of the things she wanted to do, like visiting the Wildlife Oasis – she had always wanted to feed a big cat so we took her to feed the snow leopards! She also wanted to see the Hot Ice Show, so the family made sure she got to the show to watch the ice skaters. Even when she was poorly and being cared for she was trying to look after others, including trying to make cups of tea for the paramedics who attended to her after a bad fall! Grandma was a strong and independent woman who decided to stay at home. The St John’s Hospice at Home team looked after her, together with her loving family – everyone helped care for her so she could spend her last days at home, which is what she wanted.

I now work on the same ward at Royal Lancaster Infirmary that my grandma worked on. My mum and grandma have taught me that it’s important to give to other people, and to look after others. So here is my prom dress, the dress I love and the dress my grandma was so excited to see me in. You can see it’s a beautiful dress: there’s not many times in a life that a girl gets to wear a designer dress. It may be your prom soon or another special occasion and you may be on a budget but that doesn’t mean you can’t look beautiful. This dress is available in the St John’s Hospice Shop, Market St, Lancaster, it could be yours and by choosing it you are raising money for the wonderful work of St John’s Hospice.

With love to you and St John’s Hospice
Katie Jackson

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