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Making syringe driver bags

Do you like sewing? Do you have spare fabric? We need your help!

Many of our patients use syringe drivers which deliver pain relief medication at set times around the clock. When using a driver they pop them in discreet shoulder bags that allow them to go about their daily business without drawing attention to it. These bags are given to patients free of charge to keep. As a result, we often need kind and handy supporters to make us new ones!

Please bear in mind that the patients who use these bags are men and women, both young and old, so a variety of designs to suit different tastes is always appreciated!

Julie Taylor from Making for Charity contacted us some time ago and allowed us to use her instruction on how to make a bag. You can download it below.

download instructions

Tina Horner, another of our lovely supporters, has made an instructional video to help guide you step by step to making a syringe driver bag. See below.

We really do appreciate anyone taking the time to make these for our patients, they really are invaluable. Please call the Fundraising Team on 01524 382538 if you have any questions, or if you had made some bags and want to get them to us. Thank you.

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