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A St John’s sheep for Sedbergh Sheep Fest!

Sedbergh Sheep Fest 2016

Stephen Waterhouse - Award-winning illustrator, artist, and author.

Stephen Waterhouse – Award-winning illustrator, artist, and author.

Every September since 2014 the town of Sedbergh comes alive with Sheep Fest, when more than a hundred sheep, created by shops and organisations in the town, are displayed throughout the area.  Each sheep is uniquely crafted on a theme (which this year is Books), given a name, and put on display for a period of 9 days.  Visitors come from all over to visit the festival, following the trail of sheep around the town and at Farfield Mill 2 miles away, which supports the festival by running workshops with local artists to help the town produce the sheep.

St John’s Hospice are proud to enter their first sheep in their 30th anniversary year thanks to the generous support of award-winning illustrator, artist, and author Stephen Waterhouse who has created several very colourful pop-up books for children and for the last 10 years has designed the advent calendar for Divine chocolate.

‘After hearing about the fantastic work at St John’s Hospice, I wanted to be involved in their Sheep Fest design, especially now that it’s their 30th year!  The fundraising team are so amazing in organising events and supporting people in raising money in the community, so it’s great to feel that I can take part and contribute just a little bit compared to what they do each day!  The Sheep Fest drawings and designs have being really fun to create so far and I am looking forward to building the finished sheep!’

The theme fits perfectly with Stephen’s experience and the finished sheep will be on display at the church in Sedbergh from the 17th – 24th September.  The sheep will need to be given a unique name, keep your eyes peeled for the finished design and you could name it before it goes on display! We hope that you will come and meet our sheep, and enjoy the rest of the diverse flock!

For more details on the event, please CLICK HERE.

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