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Shop with St John’s on Depop!

St John’s Hospice Shops are now selling on Depop, a global reselling app and website that combines online shopping and social media for a unique shopping experience. 

We’re thrilled to be joined by a new volunteer and thrifting expert, Charli Anderson, known as @secondhandcharli on Instagram who is rifling through our donations and helping to curate what we sell on Depop – what she thinks will sell well and what is a fair price! Charli is currently studying for a masters in the psychology of advertising, and hopes to go into communications with a non-profit or sustainable fashion company in the future. 

Charli is really passionate about second hand shopping because of the environmental benefits, and of course it helps charity too. She said “It’s a much more sustainable and ethical way to shop. The fast fashion industry often exploits garment workers and has a massively detrimental effect on the environment, by shopping second hand not only are you choosing not to support these practices, you’re also extending the lifespan of clothing and preventing it from prematurely ending up in landfill. 

“I created my Instagram account to show that it’s still possible to be “on trend” whilst shopping second hand and from charity shops. I’d say around 1/3 of my finds come from St John’s Hospice shops! Depop has made second hand shopping a lot more accessible during the pandemic while charity shops have been closed, so when the Hospice asked if I wanted to help select items for their new Depop shop, my answer was 100% yes!” 

Shop with St John’s on Depop at

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