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Share your story…

Here at St John’s Hospice, outside of taking great care of our patients and their families, we have two main jobs; firstly to raise over £4.2 million every year to keep our services running, and secondly, to raise awareness in our community about the services we provide, and the incredible impact they can have on people’s lives.
This is where we are looking for help. Have you, or any of your loved ones, experienced our hospice services up close? Would you be willing to share your experience with us? We would like to put together a collection of real life stories, from real people, about what the care provided by St John’s Hospice means to them.
The idea is that these stories, with your express permission, would be shared on social media, on our website and maybe in the press, in order to raise awareness about the services we provide, so that someone else may benefit in the future. If you would like to get involved please complete the form below. Someone from the Communications team at the hospice will get in touch with you about how we can share your story. Thank you.
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