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Trek 2019 – Sahara Dunes

8th to 13th March 2019

In March 2019 we will feel the Sahara Desert underfoot, taking in mesmerising landscapes and the unique view of the dramatic sand dunes. Imagine sleeping under the clearest view of the stars you’ve ever seen and waking up to the most expansive sunrise you’ll never forget!

Setting off from Ouarzazate in Morocco, ‘the door of the desert’, we will be led by camels into the largest hot desert in the world. Climbing the dunes of Ait Oumir, scaling the cliffs of the southern Drâa and conquering the highest dunes in the region, L’erg Zaher.

The 6 day trek is led by proud berbers and a small caravan of camels, winding through the desert between Ouarzazate and M’Hamid. As well as the spectacular scenery and immersive landscapes, challenge yourself to conquer the desert heat, arduous climbs and challenging conditions – all in the name of fundraising for St John’s Hospice. This will be our third overseas adventure. Almost £300,000 has been raised in our first two treks!

Key Facts

  • Challenge Grade – 3 (Difficult) – Although you will need to be physically fit to take part in the trek, you don’t need to be Superman or Wonder Woman! For a guide, our recent Peru trek was graded 4.
  • 6 days (5 nights)
  • Cost per person £2,390 – This cost can be made up of any combination of fundraising and your own money. You can fundraise every penny if you wish! We will help guide you along the way!
  • Registration fee £199 – Actual registration charge is £299, currently £100 is being incorporated into the overall cost, if enough trekkers join the cost per person may reduce.

To find out more about the terms and conditions about our treks – see here.



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