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The Hospice Podcast from St John’s Hospice

Welcome to The Hospice Podcast from St John’s Hospice

This is your gateway to the field of palliative care. Each podcast episode takes on a different topic from palliative care and is discussed by the highly experienced staff of St John’s Hospice with our Director of Communications, Marketing and Engagement. St John’s have created this podcast to share our many years of learning with you. The Hospice Podcast aims to support you through hearing from those delivering this service.

Who is The Hospice Podcast for?

Episodes are easy to follow, whether you work in health and social care, are training to do so, know someone who is receiving or you yourself are receiving palliative care – or perhaps you just want to expand your knowledge of this vital area of healthcare. Everyone is welcome to have a listen.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many more people are open to discussing the topic of dying – whether this is in a hospice, hospital or at home. More and more people are becoming aware and open to the idea of receiving palliative care from a hospice and all that entails.

Where can I listen to the Podcast?

You can listen wherever you enjoy podcasts. The Hospice podcast is available on the following platforms:

App download

You can also listen right here, through this player:

I’ve got a question or suggestion

You’re welcome to ask questions on any of the topics covered in The Hospice Podcast. We also welcome suggestions of topics for future episodes.
Please email us: [email protected]

Thanks for listening!

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