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Occupational & Wellbeing Therapy and Physiotherapy

Occupational & wellbeing Therapy

St John’s Hospice provides a specialist palliative care occupational therapy service for patients with a life limiting condition. Patients can access the OT service through attending Day Therapy groups, Day Hospice or through inpatient services. We are also able to see some community patients on a one to one basis for specialist palliative care advice, dependent on need.

Occupational Therapy aims to help people who are experiencing illness or disability to identify the daily activities (“occupations”) that are important to them and address any barriers to performing them. Once a referral has been accepted, we will complete an OT assessment to identify the psychological and physical health needs of the patient, their goals and wishes in relation to activity, the available support and resources and the environment that the patient is able and wanting to spend time in. Following assessment, treatment goals will be discussed and a plan of actions agreed between the OT and patient. Typical meaningful activities that patients wish to address include: personal care tasks, domestic care, sleep and rest/relaxation, social and leisure activities. We can also help people manage specific symptoms such as breathlessness, fatigue, anxiety or cognitive difficulties relating to their illness and help to improve safety, e.g. working to reduce falls.

Patients may be supported to overcome difficulties through the provision of advice (e.g. adapted techniques, lifestyle management, energy conservation principles or changes to environment), support to develop positive coping strategies, provision of assistive equipment or signposting to other useful resources/services which may help. Alternatively, OT support and advice is available through the Day Therapy specialist groups aimed at meeting patients’ needs in a friendly and informal environment which allows patients to meet others in similar situations and with similar difficulties.

Healthcare professionals can refer their patients to St John’s Hospice Day Therapy Services by completing our REFERRAL FORM.


St John’s Hospice has a specialist palliative care physiotherapy service, for the benefit of In-patients, Day Therapy patients and clinic out-patients.

We assess each patient and design treatment programmes according to the individuals’ needs. We address issues such as muscle weakness, joint stiffness, reduced mobility, breathlessness, cancer-related fatigue, and pain management. We can provide some mobility aids, and make referrals for wheelchairs.

Healthcare professionals can refer their patients to St John’s Hospice Day Therapy Services by completing our REFERRAL FORM.

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