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Overseas Trek Responsibilities

Our Responsibility

St John’s Hospice is committed to organising overseas treks for supporters to participate in to help the hospice with its aims to raise enough charitable income to fund two thirds of the hospice costs. Overseas treks are designed to be a challenge, and by signing up to be involved you need to be fully aware of what you are undertaking.

We currently work with Skyline Tour Operations who, as part of their standard contract, offer organisational places to the hospice. The number of organisational places made available depends on the size of the group participating on the overseas trek. These places are allocated to staff in agreement with the Senior Management Team at the hospice. With the group of trekkers, the hospice benefits from the huge fundraising achievement by all those taking part. Skyline has never led a bespoke challenge without a representative from the charitable organisation, and see their involvement as integral to the smooth running, and the success, of a challenge. If representatives were not available, they would look to staff the event differently which would inevitably increase costs.

Your Responsibility

On signing the agreement to be involved in the trek you are committing to fundraise the required amount, as per the terms and conditions of your registration. The registration fee that is paid direct to Skyline, by you, as a trekker, goes towards the cost of the event, including covering administration. It is ultimately your personal contribution to the challenge and cements your commitment to the cause and event.

When you take on an oversea trek you have 3 options:-

Option 1              You personally pay the full cost of the trip and commit to fundraise the required sponsorship to the hospice, as per the tour operators terms and conditions.

Option 2              You use the money you fundraise to cover the costs of the trip, plus a contribution to the hospice.

Option 3              You can part pay for the cost of the trip from your charitable fund.

If you have chosen option 2 or 3, and the cost or part of your costs, is going to be paid for from charitable fundraising, you must make this clear on all posters and all communications, including social media and email. It is important to be completely transparent with your supporters as to how their money is being spent.

No option is better or worse than another, and we have had a pretty even split among the trekkers who have signed up in the past. The hospice trek organisers will also be on hand once you register to help and support and guide you through your fundraising. You won’t be alone!

If you have any more questions then why not come along to one of our information evenings. These take place shortly after announcing the next trek dates and destination. To be kept up to date on when this will happen, register your interest in the next trek HERE. Alternatively, get in touch with the Fundraising Team at the hospice on 01524 382538.

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