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Moonlight Walk 2018 – FAQ’s


“Q: How old do I need to be?”

Walkers and runners need to be 12 years or over at the date of the walk. Anyone who is under 16 must walk/run with a responsible adult (someone who is 18+)

“Q: Can my husband/boyfriend/son come with me?

Sorry, this is a ladies only walk, but we are happy for them to help by being a marshal for the event either by walking the route, cycling or manning a static point. We are also happy for women to help us with marshalling if they do not want to walk. Marshals can be sponsored too, just let us know and we will provide you with a sponsor form. We also need volunteers, men and women, back at the hospice to help with jobs such as handing out medals, fizz and food.

“Q: When can I collect my T-Shirt?”

Moonlight walk t-shirts will be ready for you to collect from the 3rd September from the St John’s Hospice reception. The reception is open from 8am until 8pm every day. Although your t shirt will be available on the night it would really help if you could come collect your bag beforehand.

“Q: Can I buy accessories from the hospice?”

Yes you can!  We have an online shop where you can buy a full range of Rio Carnival themed accessories – these will be posted out to your home address for a small charge.  To avoid any postage costs you can also purchase accessories when you come to collect your Moonlight Walk bag – there will be a pop up shop in reception!

“Q: What time should I arrive?”

We recommend arrival about an hour before your walk. Therefore 9pm arrival would be advised. You are very welcome earlier than this but please make sure you leave enough time to park and give yourself a chance to soak up the atmosphere.

“Q: Where do I park?”

There is no parking at the hospice or on the road outside the hospice grounds. Parking staff will direct you to the nearest parking site.

“Q: How far is the walk in miles?

25K = 15.7miles

“Q: Where do I hang my memory ribbon?

You will be given a ribbon and can choose whether or not you want to write a message on it to bring with you on the night. The ribbons are symbolically tied to the ropes on either side of the driveway at the hospice thus reminding us as we leave and return of those we love.

“Q: Do I need to bring any money with me on the night?

If you wish to buy accessories, this will require you to bring some cash on the night but we can also take card payments.

“Q: Can I write a message on my T-Shirt?

Yes, there is a space on the back of your t-shirt to write on. Last year many ladies wrote their reasons for doing the walk or the name of a loved one they had lost and some attached photographs.

“Q: What shoes should I wear?

A comfortable pair of trainers seems to be the best option. If you purchase a new pair make sure you break them in before the walk.

“Q: Can I come in fancy dress?

Yes, the crazier the better, the theme this year is Rio so let’s bring the carnival to Lancaster. Don’t forget your t-shirt! You will be handed a high visibility armband to wear on the night which is a requirement for all walkers. Please give the armbands back after the walk so that they can be used again next year.

“Q: What clothes should I wear if it’s raining?

Unfortunately we cannot predict the weather so keep your eyes on the forecast and dress appropriately. Walking in the rain means you are going to be wet no matter what you wear but don’t let that put you off.

“Q: Will there be toilets?

When there is a large group of ladies we appreciate there are never enough toilets! There will be plenty of toilets at the hospice, and about half way round the route (exact position still to be decided).

“Q: Will you be providing food and water for us?

Water is always provided, along with a celebratory glass of Fizz, as well as tea & coffee at the end. There will also be a hot food option as a treat as you finish.

“Q: How do we all set off?

This year everyone is setting off at 10pm as a mass start with runners and walkers. Runners (with runner numbers) should make their way to the front of the crowd & will set off a few moments before the walkers.

Please bear in mind that the route starts on a potentially busy main road, so keep on the pavement for your own safety.

“Q: How long will it take me to walk?

Everyone is different, and it can take anywhere between 2 hours and 4 hours for the 14k. The 14k run will obviously be much quicker!

If you are walking the 25k route make sure you have trained well in advance and are fit enough to take part. The 25k walk will take approximately 2 hours longer than the 14k.

 “Q: What happens if I’m too tired or I hurt myself?

We will be constantly patrolling the route with a First Aider on board. If you require assistance let a marshal know, he/she will contact the hospice and our team will come and get you.

“Q: Will I be safe?

We have marshals at every major junction and road crossing. There will also be marshals walking and/or cycling with the ladies. They all have mobile phones. The police will have been informed. Some stretches of the route have minimal/no street lighting – we have tried to bring in temporary lighting where possible.  It is advisable to bring a torch for these areas.  Please ensure you stick to the official route which will have marshal cover for your own safety.

“Q: Can I hand in sponsor money on the night?

Yes. You will receive an A5 envelope along with your t-shirt. Use this envelope once you have finished collecting your sponsor money, place your sponsor forms and money in the envelope and return to the Hospice on the night. It is important that you also complete your details on the envelope so we can record it under your name. You can also bring in your sponsor money after the event, but if you can, please try and bring money with you on the night and hand it in at reception before you begin the walk.

“Q: How does the Hospice know who is eligible to pay Gift Aid?

When your friends, family and colleagues sponsor you to take part, if they pay tax in the UK in anyway (this is not only on their salary but on their savings, pension or investments), we can claim Gift Aid on their individual donation. The Gift Aid column appears on the right-hand-side of the sponsor form so please encourage your sponsors to tick this if they pay tax in the UK. They must also give their full name, HOME address (we cannot claim Gift Aid when a work address is given), postcode and amount. We can then claim an extra 25p for every pound they donate so it is worth taking the time to do this.

“Q: What will the sponsor money be used for?

Every single penny will go towards the running costs of the Hospice. The money we raise at this year’s Moonlight Walk will go towards continuing to provide care to patients with life limiting illnesses and to support their families at a time when they need it the most.

“Q: Is there a minimum amount I have to collect?

No, but please do your best to raise as much as you can, you really will be making a difference. You must hand your sponsor money in by Friday 26th October 2018 to qualify for our prize draw.

“Q: Can I bring my dog?

Yes we love having dogs join us and they can dress up too, but please have them on short leads and only bring them if they are well behaved.


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