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Match Funding

Many companies throughout the UK offer their employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts by matching the money they raise.

This is brilliant for the hospice as it is money for nothing and can raise double the amount of money with very little effort.

If you’re interested and would like to know more please keep reading!

What is Match Funding?

Match funding can also be known as match giving, and it is a really simple way to maximise fundraising.

We know that not all companies offer matched funding, but those that do will pledge to donate a sum of money relating to the amount their employee has raised to the charity of their choice.

Some companies will match fund on a £ for £ basis, and others will stipulate what they can give. Normally the organisation will set an upper limit with certain criteria the employee must follow for e.g. the recipient organisation must be a registered charity.

Which Companies & Organisations Support Match Funding?

We would love to be able to provide you with a full list of companies offering match funding but unfortunately it is a minefield with many different issues and certain criteria that must be met, many schemes change too frequently for us to keep an up to date list.

We are aware that generally banks and building societies, insurance companies, supermarkets, utilities providers, phone companies and car manufacturers have historically been known to offer matched funding.

However it is best to ask your employer directly if they already have a scheme in place or if they would be willing to set one up?

What to do next?

The best way to get started is to contact your employer and ask if have a match funding scheme or are interested in setting one up.

You can check online first before approaching your employer to see if there is any information online about your company.

Once your company has agreed to match fund they will probably provide you with a request form to complete and advise you on the procedure to follow, each company is likely to be different.

How can I raise Awareness?

Word of mouth is the best way to promote the benefits of match funding and we would ask you to tell everyone that this method of fundraising still exists. Please remember to explain that it is not complicated and costs nothing, just a small amount of time asking your employer.

Matched Funding Events

Here at St John’s Hospice, we have many different types of events throughout the year that you could either take part in, or come along and volunteer at, from our Moonlight Walk and Colour Dash, to Christmas tree recycling, charity balls and plant sales.

Please click HERE more details and dates of our upcoming hospice events.

These events are all brilliant fun and help to raise extra much needed funds for the hospice too!

Contact Us

If you would like to speak to someone about match funding, either from an employee and supporter, or an employer point of view, please contact Hannah Mayor, Community Fundraiser, on 01524 382538, or email [email protected].



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