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Lottery Fundraising

We are pleased to continue working with Integrated Promotions Ltd out in the community and via telephones to help grow our lottery.

Our two lovely verified representatives who are out fundraising in our community are Diane Jackson and Barbara Jasper.

                                  Diane   &   Barbara 

Barbara Jackson and Diane Jasper are working with Integrated Promotions Ltd to help grow our lottery.  They will be be visiting various local venues so you may see them when you’re out and about

Or you may receive a telephone call from Tahira (Tyra) Kauser.  The number Tyra will be calling from is 01524 969615 so if you see this number, you’ll know the call is a genuine one regarding our hospice lottery.

If you have any doubts about being approached or called by someone asking you to sign up to our lottery, please do not hesitate to ring the hospice direct on 01524 382538.

By signing up to play our lottery, you will be helping St John’s care for patients and their families living through life shortening illnesses, death and bereavement.  Your £1 a week will be helping us care in the hospice and in patient homes during one of the most difficult times people face.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the St John’s star shines a light of hope and comfort.   Thank you so much.


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