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Hospice Care Week – 3rd to 7th October

Hospice Care Week is an annual awareness-raising event to raise the profile of hospice care across the UK. This year our theme is ‘Hospice Care Is…’ encouraging people to explain what it means to them. St John’s Hospice will be joining hospices all over the UK in highlighting the many and varied aspects of hospice care, and what it can mean to people, their families and communities.

We have a week full of activities that all members of the public can get involved in which will help show people that hospice care is so much more than a place to die. We help people and their families who are living with a life shortening condition. This care isn’t just there for the final days, we help people in the community, in their homes and at the hospice at all stages of their illness. We can’t always add days to the life you have left, but we can add life to those days. Come and see for yourself the many different ways we help hundreds of people a year in our community.

Diane Williams, Education Lead at St John’s Hospice, is heading up Hospice Care Week at St John’s, “we want to take this opportunity to highlight the great work as well as offer a chance for staff, community care providers and carers to come together, share experiences and gain information and support on a range of topics and services offered here at St John’s. We want to ensure the whole community is aware of all services we offer and how to access them. That is why we have a program of events and presentations running here over the next week. Historically people have certain ideas about hospice care. We hope by extending an invite to others we can show how much has changed and what wonderful, modern and inclusive services and support is available.”

Hospice Care Week

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