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Hospice Care Week 2021

This week is Hospice Care Week and I wanted to take a few minutes to celebrate all that St John’s does, in the knowledge that we can only give this vital care because you, our community are here for us. 

Firstly, I want to thank our staff. Our team have continued to work so hard, giving their all, and more, each and every day, here in the Hospice, and in patients’ homes. They have, and will continue to, touch the lives of so many people. Not once in the past 20 months have I doubted their courage and determination, and it’s humbling to work beside them.  

Thank you also to our amazing volunteers who have had to be so patient, they’re desperate to come back and work alongside us – every time I meet someone that’s a volunteer, they ask when they can come back, and gradually we’re getting towards that. Some volunteers have continued to work with us, in our shops which have been open and then closed, we’ve had volunteers here doing Covid testing for patients and families to go onto the ward, and of course our maintenance and our garden volunteers have continued to keep the grounds and the building safe and beautiful.   

We hope soon to open the cafe, and obviously with our shops we always need extra volunteers, so if you’re thinking that you have some time, and you think in Hospice Care Week you might do something wonderful with that time, then by all means get in touch! There’s lots of opportunities to come and volunteer alongside us.  

St John’s Hospice couldn’t do what it does without our community, and even through the worst days of lockdown, people did amazing, creative and inventive things to raise money for us. The miles you’ve run, the miles you’ve walked, the events you’ve created, the cakes you’ve baked, and we mustn’t forget all our very young people who’ve helped us, our budding entrepreneurs in our community, who’ve helped raise money in really difficult times for the young people in our community.  

Next year we will open our fantastic Forget Me Not Centre, and that’s been made possible because of a generous donation by a couple who want to remain anonymous, but who we can’t thank enough. Really, the legacy of the gift that they’ve given us will live on and will continue to support families and particularly the children of families who’ve lost a loved one for many, many years to come.  

So from the bottom of my heart in Hospice Care Week, thank you for supporting St John’s Hospice. 

Sue McGraw – CEO St John’s Hospice

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