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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen during my assessment for Day Hospice?  On receipt of your referral you will receive a telephone call from a member of Day Hospice staff who will arrange a time for you to visit us.  You are welcome to bring a friend/carer/relative with you would like.  During assessment you will be seen by a member of nursing staff who will ask about your physical, psychological, social and spiritual concerns.  Staff will work with you to identify a plan of proactive care centered on wellbeing, companionship and support.  You are likely to be offered an initial 12 week period at Day Hospice to give us time to address your needs.

What will it cost?  All St. John’s Hospice services are provided free of charge, however if you wish to make a donation towards the coast of your lunch or resources used during your visit, it would be most welcome.

Is transport available?  We encourage you to arrange your own transport but if you are having difficulty then please let us know as we may be able to assist.

Can I bring someone with me?  On your first visit you may choose to bring a relative or carer, but for subsequent sessions you should attend on your own.

What time does it run?  Day Hospice runs from 10 am until 3pm on Thursdays each week.  If you feel you need to arrive or leave earlier for any reason, just speak to the staff about this.

What will happen on my first day?  You will receive a warm welcome every time you arrive at the Oak Centre!  Nursing staff will help you make yourself comfortable and provide a drink if you would like one.  The day will be full of activities which you have a choice to opt in or out of as well as one to one time with various staff members.

What about medication?  Staff will discuss your medication needs with you during the initial assessment.  You will need to bring any medication you need to take during time at Day Hospice with you.  If you use oxygen, please ensure you bring sufficient supplies with you for the duration of the day and travel time.

Are meals provided?  There is a 3 course lunch provided and an alcoholic beverage is offered before the meal to stimulate the appetite.  You will be offered a choice of menu when you arrive at Day Hospice.  Special diets are catered for, please make staff aware of these.  Refreshments are also offered throughout the day.

What services are available at Day Hospice?

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