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Forget Me Not Centre Info

Forget Me Not Centre

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Centre Tours

The St John’s team are delighted to be finally able to show our wonderful community our new Forget Me Not Centre on Slyne Road in Lancaster.
If you would like to have a look at our new facility and learn about what the centre will be doing for the community book on to one of our guided tours:

General Public Tour – Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Schools Tours – Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

(If booking on you phone tap the ‘Select A Date’ button at the bottom of the screen, once you are on EventBrite)

The Forget Me Not Centre at St John’s Hospice

The Forget Me Not Centre will welcome families, adults, children and young people to provide bereavement support in a brand new, purpose-built environment.

Families cared for by St John’s Hospice, have told us how heart breaking it is to be split up for bereavement care and how they wished St John’s could continue to look after all of their family in this time.

This was confirmed through a research project carried out by Lancaster University, which together with feedback from patients, families and our team showed that individual family members invariably go to different services and organisations for support at a time when being together is more important than ever. Research also tells us that the most effective type of therapy is whole family therapy, and at present there is none available free of charge in the area.

Families come in all different shapes, sizes and ages: our aim is to embrace them all. At the centre we will work with families, for example, helping children and young people build resilience to help them cope with their bereavement.

Family support through grief and bereavement

Grief is the normal reaction to the loss of something or someone. Bereavement is the period after a loss, during which grief is experienced and mourning occurs. Mourning is the process by which people adapt to a loss such as the death of a loved one.

Research shows that the majority of people experiencing bereavement will cope with the support of friends and families, others benefit from group activities and time with people who are also experiencing grief. However, grief can become more difficult for some people, if not dealt with at the right level. In children this can result in poor education, health and career outcomes, and in adults, in increased physical illness and mental health problems.

This is why The Forget Me Not Centre is so important.

Types of support

The Forget Me Not Centre will offer a safe environment for families and individuals to have support in a space away from home and the main Hospice building.

Our team will provide a range of therapeutic support for children and families, individually, in groups or together. Family therapy could include activities such as art and crafts, outdoor activities and creative play, spending quality family time, and creating tangible and physical ways to remember their loved one. Each experience of grief is different, so support will be built around the needs of individuals or families.

This support will improve the chance of a positive future, away from the negative consequences that so many people experience when affected by grief.

Who will the Forget Me Not Centre provide care for?

The facility will serve families in North Lancashire, South Lakes and parts of North Yorkshire, both at the centre near Lancaster, and out in the community; in homes and through our work in schools.

We are already supporting schools in our area by providing staff training as well as group sessions for pupils who have experienced different types of bereavement.

We are initially working with patients, people and families who are known to St John’s, whether that person is staying on the St John’s ward or our team are nursing them at home.

I’d like to know more

If you would like more information or have questions about the Forget Me Not Centre at St John’s Hospice please get in touch with the Forget Me Not Centre Engagement Officer, Rachael Makinson: on 01524 382538, or [email protected]


Teachers and staff – To find our more about how the Forget Me Not Centre can help you to support children who have experienced bereavement and loss, or find out about our Nourish health and wellbeing programme, please click here or email Rachael at [email protected]

The Forget Me Not Centre occupies the site of the former ‘Lodge’ building at the front of the St John’s Hospice site on Slyne Road in Lancaster.

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