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FAB Group (Fatigue, Anxiety & breathlessness)

fab leaflet

what is FAB group?

The FAB group is for people living with life-shortening conditions and experiencing fatigue, anxiety or breathlessness. The group looks at non-medical ways to cope with the challenges that these symptoms bring.

The group is run by a nurse, physio, complementary therapist and occupational therapist, with each session being led by a combination of these staff according to the content. The group runs for 6 weeks, on the same day and time, for around an hour and a half each week.  The sessions are very informal and take place through friendly relaxed discussion. Being in a group with others who have similar difficulties also allows people to share their experiences and helpful ideas, and gain mutual support from each other.

what will be covered?

  • Understanding breathlessness, breathing techniques, positioning and general management tips for breathlessness
  • Understanding stress, anxiety and panic
  • Energy conservation and lifestyle management
  • Relaxation and having a good night’s sleep
  • Nutrition and exercise

• Revision of the course, signposting and thinking about the next step

fab leaflet


Healthcare professionals can refer their patients to St John’s Hospice Day Therapy Services by completing our REFERRAL FORM.

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