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Dying Matters Week

What is Dying Matters Week?

Every year in May, the organisation ‘Dying Matters’ and its members host an Awareness Week, which gives everyone an opportunity to talk about dying, death and bereavement. This year Dying Matters will run from 13th to the 19th of May and the theme is: Are We Ready?

There is a host of activities taking place across the Bay. For full details click here.

St John’s Hospice will be hosting and supporting a number of activities to help open up conversations around death and dying. This will include an evening event where people are invited to spend an evening with Professor Dame Sue Black to hear about her work, ask questions and enjoy a supper of ‘Pie and Peas’, an opportunity to take part in a famous and moving photography project, a list of fabulous books you may wish to read, and more.

Here are the details:

An evening with Sue Black

Professor Dame Sue Black who is based at Lancaster University is one of the world’s leading forensic anthropologists and author of the award winning autobiographical book, “All That Remains”. She is teaming up with St John’s Hospice to host an evening on Tuesday 14 May during the national ‘Dying Matters Week’. Famed for numerous pieces of work Professor Dame Sue Black is one of the world’s leading anatomists and forensic anthropologist. Her expertise has been crucial to many high profile criminal cases such as the War Crimes investigation in Kosovo. She has also worked in Sierra Leone, Grenada and Iraq as well as Thailand for the Thai Tsunami Victim Identification operation. Dame Sue Black is now the Pro Vice-Chancellor for Engagement at Lancaster University.

Professor Dame Sue Black will share her experiences with death; from family experiences to using scientific skills and tools to identify victims of crime and mass disasters. Her understanding of the nature of life and respect for the dead will promise a fascinating and uplifting evening that won’t be forgotten. This ‘Evening with Professor Dame Sue Black’ is a limited-ticket event of £14.95 to include pie and peas. Proceeds will go towards funding care and treatment in the Hospice and out in the community.

Book Tickets Here

The Loved & Lost project

You are invited to take part in a famous and moving photography project developed by renowned photographer Simon Bray. Simon’s ‘Loved&Lost’ documentary project has been featured by the BBC, is being exhibited at Manchester Cathedral and celebrates life and memories.

St John’s Hospice is asking people to take part in this powerful photography project to remember family or friends that they have loved and lost in readiness for ‘Dying Matters’ Week in May –‘happy snappers’, amateurs and professionals are all welcome.

To take part all you need to do is to find a photograph of yourself with your loved one who has died; perhaps a family member or a friend. You then return to the location of the original photograph with a friend and take a new photo of yourself in that same location and spend some time chatting about your loved one, that day, your memories and what you loved about him or her. These photographs are an example of how Loved&Lost photographs can look. You then send your photographs to St John’s Hospice before 6th May so that they can be displayed in a local exhibition at the St John’s Hospice Courtyard Café during the Dying Matters Week of May 13th – 19th.

For guidance on taking photographs click on the link below or visit Simon’s website here.

Guidance for photographs

A Dead Good Read

Have you ever noticed how many of your favourite books include a great death scene or a theme of death? Here is a list of fabulous books that you may want to read on your own or suggest to your local book group – enjoy!

Reading list

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