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Unlocked computers | Financial information | Personal details | Passwords written and shared | Taking data off site | Unlocked offices | Protected patient information

Are you unsure… if you’re storing data correctly?
Are you unsure… how to dispose of data securely?
Are you unsure… how to share data externally?

If you think your data is outdated, or at risk of falling into the wrong hands, please complete the form below so we can help clean it up!

Why is the hospice doing this now?

In preparation for General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), enforceable from 25th May this year (these are changes to the current Data Protection regulations), we need to make sure that we are looking after the data we receive and come into contact with in a safe and responsible manner. Some of you have been involved in the data mapping exercise but this is a further chance to disclose any concerns you have with regards to the information that you process in your team or department that may not have been picked up in our data mapping, information governance processes or identified in our policies.

If you are unsure, do not make an assumption that something you are concerned about has been spotted. Tell us if you have worries, queries or doubts with regards to patient, supporter or employee data that you work with or that you have been witness to, that you consider a threat to the trust placed in us.

“will i get into trouble?”

Please understand that this is not about making trouble for people. It is about protecting the organisation from mistakes that could be catastrophic for us all. It gives us an opportunity to address weaknesses in our systems, identify training needs and protect the valuable commodity of trust granted to us from our supporters and patients.

We are not looking to penalise anyone; we just want to ensure that the hospice is compliant.

What’s happens next?

We will look at the issue/s raised and identify how we can support you by providing the necessary skills and processes to ensure that the hospice is prepared for the changes in May and in the months to come.

Data Spring Clean

Please complete the form to help us give our data practices a good Spring clean!
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