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Cuddle Bed Appeal Launched

We have launched an appeal to raise £14,000 for a specialist ‘cuddle’ bed for patients and their families.

To donate to the cuddle bed appeal please visit:

The ‘cuddle’ bed is designed to allow a second person to lie beside their loved one to share a cuddle and offer comfort when they need it most.

The specialist bed creates a safe space where two people can be connected and share those very precious moments together, without the physical barriers of an ordinary bed. The bed does everything a Hospice bed needs to do such as offer adjustable settings for the patient’s comfort, and at the touch of a button it can widen to become a double bed that is safe for use by two people. It’s not just for couples, however, it can be used by parent and child, siblings, friends, the list goes on. Cuddling and physical touch have been shown to reduce stress, decrease pain and intensify bonds between people, and the ‘cuddle’ bed would allow patients and their loved ones this connection while receiving palliative care.

Carol Ainsworth’s husband Keith, also known as ‘Sootyman’, received treatment at St John’s Hospice. She said –

“I would have loved to have laid next to Keith before he went.  A cuddle bed really would mean so much to people like me who want to share those last moments together”

Josie Curtis was able to use a cuddle bed that was on trial to St John’s when her husband Steve was there earlier this year. She said –

“We were very privileged to be able to use a Cuddle Bed. This was so special to both of us, as it meant we could be close together when every moment of each day was so precious. It was much better than Steve lying on his own. On Steve’s passing I was able to lie by his side and to hold him close.”

Lucy O’Connor, Head of Inpatient Services at St John’s Hospice said –

“The cuddle bed would make a huge difference to patients and their loved ones. The ability for someone to lay next to their loved one can offer the comfort and physical support that some patients so desperately need. Most of us can understand the importance of a cuddle in the way it makes you feel, by supporting this appeal you can help create these special moments.”

This appeal would help the Hospice make these cherished cuddle moments come true.
To donate to the cuddle bed appeal please visit:

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