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What the CQC say about Day Therapy Services

In November 2016 the Care Quality Commission carried out a thorough inspection of all St John’s Hospice services. We were deemed to be Outstanding and this put us in the top 1% of healthcare establishments in the UK. This is what the CQC said about our fantastic Day Therapy Services:-

“We saw the day hospice was pleasant, comfortable and welcoming. There were dedicated staff and a range of practical help and advice and staff and equipment to support people’s care needs. One person talked about how they had been given equipment to get about their home after being assessed at the hospice. People were able to receive personal care, such as bathing as well as different activities and group work and talking together. A choice of alternative therapies including, massage, reflexology and aromatherapy were available, for patients and their families, as was counselling. These assisted people in relaxation and wellbeing. One relative said, “I can get away from all my worries for an hour, knowing [family member] is being looked after.” We saw there were a variety of social and leisure activities, including music, painting, board games, gentle exercises, gardening and relaxation. Staff had also recently started a reminiscence programme with people. This had proved successful in involving people in active discussions and memories, particularly people who had been rather withdrawn. An entertainer visited during the inspection. We saw people smiling, clapping and singing along. One person said, “I feel less alone and vulnerable when I am here. I enjoy it.

Various support groups for people with life limiting illnesses and their families were run by staff or with the involvement of staff in the day hospice. These included groups for people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Parkinson’s disease, motor neurone’s disease and dementia. People said it made a huge difference to meet up each week and to get professional support and advice when needed. People commented, ‘This is an amazing place, with fantastic cheerful staff.’ And, ‘It’s a lovely place, I feel at peace here’. A person who attended a dignity and dementia group said they were so grateful as it helped them understand their partner’s condition better. It also allowed them to meet people in the same position as themselves. They told us they felt less alone and isolated when they were able to receive professional support and chat with people in similar situations.

People commented they had especially good support from the Positive Living Group – a hospice programme giving helpful information and support. One person wrote, ‘We learned a lot of things we didn’t know.’ There were also regular ‘drop in sessions’ where people could chat with others.”

Click HERE to view the full CQC report.

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