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The country house is won!

St John’s Hospice benefit to the tune of £30,000 as a lucky lady from Warrington has won a country house worth over £800,000.

Dunstan and Natasha Low, from Melling, had been struggling to meet the cost of running their beautiful 6 bedroom Georgian mansion as Dunstan’s internet business started to struggle. In February of this year Dunstan had the ambitious idea to raffle off the house to try and recoup their costs and set themselves free. The last 6 months have been a whirlwind with highs and lows, but Tuesday 15th August saw the culmination of all their hard work as Marie Segar, from Warrington, was announced as the lucky winner.

Dunstan and Natasha always maintained that if they succeeded with the plan that they wanted to donate some of the money to a local charity. They said, “We immediately thought of St John’s Hospice as an excellent beneficiary and announced we would donate £30,000 to the local hospice should we sell all our tickets. Natasha lost a close family friend last year and was blown away by the level of care and compassion”.

After the draw was made yesterday, on a random number generator in the presence of 2 independent adjudicators, Dunstan stayed true to his word, “I am so relieved it is over and has been a success, I can’t wait to meet Marie and show her round her new house! And I can’t wait to come to St John’s Hospice and make our donation, it means a lot to us.”

St John’s Hospice CEO Sue McGraw was invited to the house to see the draw made live, “it is so exciting to see this ambitious project come to fruition. To be in the room when the amazing news was broken to Marie was incredible, she was so shocked but so happy. We are also over the moon for Dunstan and Natasha as I know it has been a really difficult journey for them to this point. To reach the finish line and make such a large donation to St John’s is the icing on the cake. The £30,000 means the world to us, and our patients, and can fund a nurse for a whole year to look after people in our community.”

And when asked what was next for Dunstan and Natasha, she answered, “a stiff drink and a nice holiday!” From everyone at St John’s Hospice, we can honestly say it is very well deserved.

Dunstan and Natasha will be coming to the hospice in the coming weeks to present their donation. Watch this space and our social media channels for updates.

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