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Christmas Tree Recycling FAQs

• When is the last date I can book my tree?
Due to the routing, planning & volunteers needed we can only accept bookings until 5pm on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

• How can I book in my tree for collection?
Bookings can be made either through the website , using one of our leaflets available from the hospice or our shops or call fundraising on 01524 382538

• How much will it cost?
We do not charge for collecting your tree. Although the success of the collection relies on donations and we really do appreciate every donation made. The event does incur costs to the hospice and we do have to raise over £9000 per day to run the hospice. Therefore we ask if you can please make a donation.

• Can I donate when my tree is collected?
No, our drivers are not permitted to accept cash.

• What do I have to do?
Book your tree on, take the decorations off and leave your tree in your designated place by 8am on Friday 11th January 2018.

• When will it be collected?
Your tree will be collected sometime on the 11th, 12th & 13th January 2019.

• Do I have to be in?
No. Just leave it in your designated place ready for us to collect providing we can access it.

• Where do I leave my tree?
When you book on you will be asked for an accurate address (including postcode), if you live in a property that is difficult to find please leave detailed instructions.

Where possible please leave the tree on your property close to the road where it can easily be seen.

If you have to leave it on the pavement please ensure it is not a safety hazard to others.

If it cannot be left in view please include information on where it is when you register eg. “through the gate on the left, down the alley in the garden.” And ensure that it can be retrieved safely by our volunteers.

• Who will be collecting it?
We have a team of volunteers who give up their own free time, use their own petrol, come out in most weathers and work tirelessly to cover the large area from Bowness right down to Garstang and across to North Yorkshire. So please give them a smile or a thank you!

• What if we have adverse weather conditions?
At this time of year the weather can be unpredictable, especially in some of our rural areas. We shall endeavour to get to you within the specified days but our volunteers will not be travelling in risky conditions. If it is windy please try to keep your tree from blowing away by anchoring it if you can. Let us know asap if you have to change the location of your tree by emailing [email protected]

• Why can you not specify a time or day for my tree to be collected?
Due to the vast number of trees to be collected we are unable to give an exact time & day when we will be in your area. As we are a charity we rely on volunteers to collect the trees and do not have the latest technology at our fingertips. We need to be able to work out the most eco- friendly and time efficient routes possible and the routes are planned in advance of the pick-ups. Last year we had over 1700 trees to collect!

• What if my tree hasn’t been collected by 4pm on the 13th January?
Have you got a postcard through your door saying that we have called to collect? Did you leave the tree in the correct place before 8am on the 11th January?
Please contact [email protected] as soon as possible (preferably before 10.30am) on Monday 14th January.

Please be warned that, dependant on where you are, we cannot guarantee when we can collect the tree as we do not readily have vans and volunteers available after the collection dates.

• What happens with my donation?
We currently make a donation to Just Helping who help many hospices up and down the country to offer support and advice with this fantastic tree collection service. We also make a donation to local charities that currently run support groups at St. John’s (MNDA and Parkinson’s), plus local scout groups who help to deliver our leaflets. The rest of the donation comes straight back in to St. John’s and is spent on providing care to our local community.

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