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The “Butterfly Jewel” Treasure Hunt

Masquerade is a picture book, written and illustrated by Kit Williams, published in August 1979, that sparked a treasure hunt by concealing clues to the location of a jewelled golden hare, created and hidden somewhere in Britain by Williams. It became the inspiration for a genre of books known today as armchair treasure hunts & is the spark of light behind our “Butterfly Hunt”.

our treasure hunt

We have chosen 6 beautiful places in Lancashire and as with the original book Masquerade commissioned 6 works of art from a Lancashire based artist. These unique pieces of art hold all the clues you need to solve the NAME of each location from the comfort of your own home. You then have to physically visit the place & using the clues, locate a small box containing 2 digits. Only when you have all 6 will you be able to solve the master riddle leading you to the £5,000 jewel encrusted Butterfly.

Our Story

For over 6 months now we have worked on this beautiful & unique hunt finding some of the most magical places in Lancashire steeped in history, myth & heritage. Then using our individual skills we have set an intriguing quest to find the Stunning “BUTTERFLY JEWEL”.

Our Treasure Hunt starts from the comfort of your own home, with the family young & old, for serious treasure hunters, in social groups of friends or even in schools & youth groups. You can solve 3 of the 6 clues with some clever thinking & some online research enabling everybody who joins the “Butterfly Hunt” to get some fun from it.

After the third clue it gets trickier & you will have to become like detectives looking for all the tiny clues in the artwork . Once you have solved the location part of the puzzle you then have to physically visit the place to locate a small box there. Containing 2 digits this will lead you on to solving the master riddle & locating  resting place of the £5,000 Jewel incrusted Butterfly.

Each Unique piece of art contains everything you need to pinpoint the the riddle boxes at each location & our guardians of the riddle boxes ensure that no foul play can ensue. Once you have all 12 digits you will have solved the master riddle. This will form an Ordnance Survey grid reference that will lead you to within 5meters of the Butterfly Jewel & again if you have studied the artwork closely enough you will instantly recognize the final resting place of the “Butterfly Jewel”

The Down By The Riverside “BUTTERFLY HUNT” is supporting 3 local charities so all you have to do is click on the charity you want to support when making the donation & they will benefit. So put on your thinking caps & get out your detectives notebook and be the FIRST to solve all the clues and find THE £5,000 JEWEL …

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