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Book of Remembrance

Here is a list of the all the lights that have been dedicated to our loved ones this Christmas…

This year, for the first time, if you dedicate online you can leave a message of remembrance to your loved ones.

All paper and postal dedications are listed below, please scroll down to see your dedication.

This list will be updated every 2 weeks with the latest dedications.

**Last updated 20/12/17**.

Online Dedications
Full Name(s) Messages of Remembrance
RDF  Addie
Angie  Aitken (friend) Thinking of you all at Christmas time and always. All missed so very much xxxxx Karen, Nigel, Ryan and Daniel xxxxx
Kath Anderson
John  Arnold Robinson Always remembered. R.I.P.
Mary Askew
Edna Atkinson
Harry Atkinson
Auntie Sue
Auntie Wilma Missed every day
Barbara P Mum, In the darkest moments of my life, you will always be the light. Shine brightly this Christmas xxx
Karen  Barnes
Karen Barnes Always in our hearts miss you so much
George  Bateson Remembering a dear husband, dad and grandad. We miss you always xxx
David  Benjamin
Robert  Benjamin
Christopher  Bennett Great parents who gave us all so much, dearly missed and greatly appreciated.
Elizabeth  Bennett Great parents who gave us all so much, dearly missed and greatly appreciated.
Marjorie  Bevan (Gar) Remembering our wonderful Grandmother on our first Christmas without her. So loved and missed. Forever treasured.
Douglas Bingham
Eileen Birchall (mum) Thinking of you all at Christmas time and always. All missed so very much xxxxx Karen, Nigel, Ryan and Daniel xxxxx
Brenda What wonderful memories.
Ian  Brockbank Dad, this first Christmas without you will be the hardest! Miss you like crazy every single day.
Carol Brotheridge Forever in our hearts x
Alex  Buchan Alex – a much missed lovely man, husband, father, grandfather and faithful friend.
Dave Burrows Loved and remembered every day.
May  Butler Always in our thoughts xxx
David Butters
Kath Byram Much loved and missed everyday.  Kath & Richard will always be in our hearts x
Richard Byram Much loved and missed everyday.  Kath & Richard will always be in our hearts x
Dave Carr
Sean Carr Sean Carr, we miss you.
Joan Casson The most loving Mum, Grandma and G-Grandma
George Chalmers George was a wonderful husband and a fantastic Dad to Ryan and Danielle . We know that you will always be by our sides sleep tight our angel xx
David Charles Chapman David was a wonderful husband and father of two boys. He was a talented musician  and gave so much to the people in this area. We miss and think of him everyday.
Merrill Charlton
Victoria Charlton
Odette Cisinsky-Hall There’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. You was my world and I miss you so much. Love you always and forever your loving wife Diane
John Dean Cochrane Merry Christmas Dad, wherever you are. Miss you and love you.
Jean Cokell
Sylvia  Corbett Love & miss you Sylvia love Wendy xx
Sharon Cornthwaite
Jean Crane In loving memory of a kind wonderful and very special nana and great nana forever in our hearts. Love Jess Dan and Olivia xxx
Ronald Diffenthal
Chris Dooley Miss you always Mum and Dad love Ray and Christine and family xxxx
Mary Dooley Miss you always Mum and Dad love Ray and Christine and family xxxx
Maggi  Eastwood
Hazel  Eccles
John Duncan Edgar Love you forever Dad xx
Maureen Edmondson
Eleni Omirou & Family Always on our mind, forever in our hearts! You are missed so very much!
Barbara  Emsley
Keith  Emsley
Shade  Emsley
Terri  Emsley
Jean  English Always in our thoughts xxx
Robert John  English Always in our thoughts xxx
Elspeth Forrest
Patricia Gallagher In memory of a lovely Mum and Nanna, dearly missed every day but even more so at Christmas time. With all our love from Carrie and Cavan x x
Ann Patricia Gamble Missed so much xx
James Noel Gamble Missed so much xx
Joshua Gardner Give anything to have you all here this christmas
Christopher James Garside
Anthony Gibson We miss you dearly xx
Maureen Gibson We miss you dearly xx
Anthony John  Gill
Ian Gray
Margaret Grieve
Tommy Grieve
Brenda Hall Love you both very much, thought about each and everyday xxx
William Hall Love you both very much, thought about each and everyday xxx
Margaret Elizabeth Harrop Love and miss you Mum
Irene  Haslett Love & miss you Dad & Mum love Wendy xx
John  Haslett Love & miss you Dad & Mum love Wendy xx
Amy  Haworth
Gerald Haywood You are always in our thoughts
Jean Haywood You are always in our thoughts
Roy  Heaton My dad was in the Hospice last Christmas and he said his light was at the top of the tree. Loved and missed every day xx
Keith Hobson Missing you both everyday, Happy Christmas Mum and Dad. Love Nina, Paul, Victoria and Jonathan xxxx
Doris Hodgson Missed, loved and remembered every day.
Joan Innes
John Ireland
Irene, Shiela
John, Vivienne, Richard
Katie Johnstone
Linda  Jones
Tom Joyce
Brian  Kett
Eileen  Kett
Sid Lane Loved and remembered every day.
Brenda Lavelle What wonderful memories.
Bessie  Leswer
Bessie Leswer
Jim  Leswer
Jim Leswer Leswer
Maurice Lomax You made so many memories for us as children at Christmas and the traditions you made continue
Dian Lowe
Rex Marsden
Edwin Mashiter
Mary Mashiter
Chris Maxwell Loved and missed very much every day xx
Neil McGartland (dad) Thinking of you all at Christmas time and always. All missed so very much xxxxx Karen, Nigel, Ryan and Daniel xxxxx
Barbara McGartland (mum) Thinking of you all at Christmas time and always. All missed so very much xxxxx Karen, Nigel, Ryan and Daniel xxxxx
Ian Monks
Mavis Monks
Robert Muncaster
Joseph  Murphy The most amazing Husband, Dad and Grandad. We love and miss you xx
Billie & Eddy Myers You will always be missed.
Nanny Chris Missed every day
Bernadette Needham Missing you both everyday, Happy Christmas Mum and Dad. Love Nina, Paul, Victoria and Jonathan xxxx
Elsie  Nelson
Josie O’Connor
Eleni  Omirou & Family Always on our mind, forever in our hearts! You are missed so very much!
Ernest  Oswald Always in our hearts
Jean  Overend
Barbara P Mum, In the darkest moments of my life, you will always be the light. Shine brightly this Christmas xxx
Ron  Parkinson In fond and loving memory
Sandy  Parkinson In fond and loving memory
Deborah Parrington In memory of our mum. Merry Christmas. We love you xx
Janet F  Peacock Missing you this Christmas, Mum
Alan Pharaoh Loved and missed very much every day xx
Linda Potter Always thinking about you Mum, miss you so much
Mildred Preston
Arthur Pulman Still love and miss you just as much and always will.x x x
Andrew Richards
Florence Richardson Love and miss you Mum
Hugh Richmond Dearly loved and much missed xx
Mary Richmond Dearly loved and much missed xx
Bryan Sandbach
Paul Scarisbrick Because you lit up my life
Anne Christine  Scott Always remembered. R.I.P.
Vincent  Seddon
Betty Shaw
Harvey Shaw
Robert Shuttleworth
John Skidmore Loved & missed every day
Winston  Slinger
Enid Smith Love and miss you both soo much. Sine bright in the sky mum and dad xxxx
Reg Smith Love and miss you both soo much. Sine bright in the sky mum and dad xxxx
Auntie Sue
Martin Sutherland Martin – ‘Where words fail, music speaks’…remembered fondly, missed deeply.
Kevin Lee Thompson Give anything to have you all here this christmas
Wilson  Uttley
Syd Wainwright In loving memory of Syd.
Audrey Walker
Jean Walker
Maureen Walker To Mum..Never forgotten..With us always. Loved so much xx
Stan Walker
Bill  Walshaw Always in our hearts
Florence  Walshaw Always in our hearts
Doreen Walton
Paul Weiss Loved and missed very much every day xx
Keith Westworth Together forever, loved always  xx
Margaret Westworth Together forever, loved always  xx
Stan Whalley Love you Dad. Xx
Stan Whalley Miss you so much. Happy Memories. X
Jean  Wilson We will all miss you so much this Christmas Mum xxxx
Jim Wilson Happy Memories of a wonderful Dad Jim Wilson. We shared some lovely times together. Greatly missed from his daughter Susan
Roy Wilson My wonderful Dad lost his life on the 8th January 2017 after having 2 major heart attacks on New Year Eve.  He was a wonderful man loved by everyone who met him.  A fabulous husband, dad and grandad.  You are missed greatly, sleep tight lots of love your every loving daughter Donna xxx



Paper & Postal Dedications
A to Ga Ga to No No to Y
2018 Animal Care John Gee Joan Nowell
Robert Brian Abel Ted Gibbins Michael O’ Mahony
William Allen Acton Danny Gibbons Karen O’Brien
Doris Addison June Gibbons Tom O’Brien
Fred Addison Michael Gibson Alfie O’Connor
James & Margaret Addison Mr Jay Gill James O’Connor
Eric Ainsworth Brenda Glenton Harold Oldham
Joan Ainsworth Keith F Golsby Mr Karl Oliver
Bill Airey Mum & Dad Goodchild Doreen and George O’Neil
John Airey Gordon Tony O’Neil
Maureen Airey Grandad Bernard Bernard O’Neill
Angela Aitken (Best Friend) Edgar and Nancy Gray Tanis Orchard
My Grandad Alan Crompton Ian Gray Michael Orr
All My Family Michelle Greatorex Mario Ottonello
Marjorie Allanson Avis J Green Michael William (Mick) Page
Stan Allanson John Green Grandad Harold Painter
Dawn Alston Cyril Gregory Harold Painter
Mum & Dad Altham Ellen Grindal Colin  Palmer
Amelia William Grindal Mrs Phyllis Palmer
Auntie Amy & Harold William Halford Pam
Kath Anderson Malcolm Hall Eddie Pamphilion
Michael Appleyard Stuart Hall Fred Pamphilion
Betty Archer William Hall Judith Lyn Park
Fred Archer Ernest Halliwell Howard Parker
Michael Charles Archer Doreen Hammerton Joseph Anthony Parker
June Aris Margaret Ann Hammond Jill Parkinson
Geoff Armer Roger Hampson Anice Paterson
Christina Armitage Brian Hancock Rev. Nicholas B. Paterson
Baby Ava Armstrong Alan Hargreaves Susan Peacock
Arlene Arnold Brian Hargreaves Jackie Pearce
Hugh Arnold Monica Hargreaves Mary Elizabeth Pearce
William (Billy) Arnold Sheila Hargreaves William Pearce
Albert Asbury Nan Harper Margaret & Frank Pearson
Edward Asbury Ray Harper Anthony Robert Peppiatt
Mrs Bessie Asbury Nora Harriman Peter
Les Askew Kenneth Harrison Sandra Pickup
Mark Askew Thomas Harrison Reg Pierpoint
Shirley Askew John Hartup Jean Platt
Tony Askew Tony Hartup Francis F Plumb
John Edward Askham Mrs Dorothy Haslem Roger H Plumb
Anne Atkinson Josephine Hatfield George David Pointon
Desmond and Irene Atkinson George Hayhurst Elanie Popplewell
Mabel Atkinson Dorothy Heaven Christopher Porter
Margaret Atkinson Alan Helman Christopher Porter
Elitha Attwood Sofia Helme Graham Porter
Elithia Attwood Henry Robert Porthouse, dear Husband & Dad
Aunty Sue Frederick Hepworth Leslie Potter
Babs Barbara Heys Muriel Potter
Barbara Bainbridge Rosina Miriam Hill Simon John Potts
Ken & Dorothy Bannister George Hillman Frederick Powell
Maureen Bannister Sarah Hilton Kathleen Prada
Barb Deceased family members of Hilton Fuery and Hunt Licio Prada
Ann Barber Barbara Hinkley Michael Prada
Karen Barnes Andrew Hodgson David Preston
Lucy Sarah Barnes Claude Hodgson Conrad Procter
My Sister Karen Barnes William (Bill) Hodgson Kathleen Procter
Terence Edward Barnes Elizabetth & Richard Hogarth Christine Pryce
Joan Bateman Elizabeth Hoggarth Gwynneth Puffet
Conrad Lee Bateson Albert Hoggarth Robinson Pyee
Carl Baume Jack Hogge William (Bill) Ralph
Ivy Baume Derick Ronald Holding Alan James Ralph (Husband)
Susan Baume Harold Holdsworth Derek S Ralphson
Mark & Annie Baxter Kevin Holdsworth Margaret Randall
Peter William Baxter Ron Holland Mr Colin Howard Reddish
Kathleen Bearne Arthur Holman Susan Rees
Terry Bearne David Holman Len Reeves
Dick Beckett Tony Holman Mr & Mrs A.E & E.M Reeves
Raymond Bell Bill Holmes Reg
Eric Bell and Loved Ones Brian Holmes Richard, Patricia & Lesley
David Benjamin Brian Holmes Leslie Richardson
Robert Benjamin David Garnett Holmes Mary Richardson
Mr Victor Bennett Mary Holmes Edith Richmond
Tony Benson Peter James Holmes Vincent Richmond
George Beswick Kenneth Honeysett Geoffrey Rigby
Betty The Hope family Harold James Rigby
Cecil Biggin Raymond Hossack Hunter Jack Riley
Ellen Biggin Joseph Houghrain Mr. David Riley
Bill Elizabeth Houston Mrs Tessa Riley
Edna Birchall Aiban Howell Clarke Roberts Sheila Riley
Eileen Birchall Ashworth William Howorth Donald Roberts
Mr A.J Bird Evelyn Howorth Wilfrid Roberts
Jeff Bird Marion Howorth Roy Robertson
Marina Bird Mr Brian Hoyle Clifford Robinson
Col. John Bird O.B.E, D.L Mr Richard Hoyle Denis Robinson
Albert Blackham Mrs Marjorie Hoyle Jennifer Robinson
Steven Blackham Patricia Hoyle John Robinson
Eddie Blackwell Arthur Hudson Marjorie Robinson
Barbara Blakelock Joanne Hunter Mr Kenneth Robinson
Ernie Blakelock R.A. Hunter Mrs Jose Robinson
James Peter Bland The Husband Family Pam Robinson
Brian Boardman Terence Alfred Hutchinson Pat Robinson
Bob John Hyde Thomas Robinson
Gladys Bolsover Norman Illage Patrick Rochford
Jim Bolsover Irene Illidge Rose Rochford
Bert Bolton In Memory of my Dear Jack Mike Rodgers
Lillian Bolton Anthony John Ingleby Mr Richard Rogers
Mary Bolton Maureen Elizabeth Ingleby Roger Thomas Rogerson
Mabel Bond My Dad Jack Scott Julie Ann Rollinson
Jean Bonner Edwin Jacks Ronald
Joyce Bousfield Alec Jackson Mr & Mrs J Row
Anne Bowker Dorothy Jackson David Rowe
George Bowker Geoff Jackson Roy & May
Ronald Bowker Harold & Anne Jackson Paula Rudd
Arthur Bowles Valerie Christine Jackson Anne & John Rudkin
David Bowness Thomas James Marie Patricia Sandham
David Boxley Janet Django Sankey
Linda Boyd Ivy Margaret Jarvis Tom Sawford
Michael Boyd Sylvia Jarvis Andrew Sawicki
Kathryn Boyles William Charles Jarvis Jane Sawicki
Mum – Pauline Mary Bradburn My Step Mum Jean Barrington-Scott Thomas Geoffry Scales
Ken Bradley Patricia Jenkinson Martin Scott
Margaret Bradley Colin Jeremy Mary  Scott
Margaret Bradley Jerry Richard Scowcroft
Alan Bradshaw Alan Jessop Seamus
Dorothy May Bradshaw Jim Harry Clifford Sewell
Ray Bragg Joan Julia Shanley
Denis Brahney Katherine Joddrell (Kenna) Kevan Shanley
Gordon Charles Brakewell John Robert & Florrie Shanley
Brenda and Walter John Norman Shaw
Harry Brennan Betty Johnson Vince Shaw
Brian David Johnson Sidney Shepherd
Mr Harry Brocklebank Janet Marie Johnston Janet Sheppey
Peter Brookes Maureen Johnston Mr Arthur Sherratt
Ernest Brooks May Johnston Yvonne  Shimmans
George Brooks Michael Johnston Shirley
Henry Audley Brooks Pete Johnston Baby Shuttleworth
Peter John Brooks Agnes Jones Dorothy Shuttleworth
Andy Brown Alan Jones Keith Shuttleworth
Lea Brown Frances Jones Lisbeth Shuttleworth
Monica Brown John Jones Robery Henry Shuttleworth
Mr + Mrs Brown Madelaine Jones Mary Sibson
Ned Brown Peggy Jordan Georgina Simpkin
Richard Brown Joseph, Martha, Dennis & James Walter Simpkin
Andy Brown – Daddy Joseph, Martha, Dennis & James Steven Simpson (Simmy)
Gladys Bryning Irene and Denis Keenan Cliff Sinclair
Andrew Buckley Dick Kelsall Graeme Sinclair
Ann Burdett Sue Kelsall Irene Sinclair
Peter David Burdock Stephanie Kendall Audrey Sismey
Jean Burke Margaret Kenna Jack  Sismey
Margaret Rosalind Burrow George Kenyon Winston Slinger
Heinrich Butikofer William Kenyon Derek Smith
Brian Butler Pat & Mary Keogh Gen Smith
Brian Butler Paul Kerigan Marjorie Smith
Brian Butler Thomas Keyworth Sheila Smith
Jack & Mary Butler & Family Andrew Kingston Stanley George Smith
James Butterworth Betty Kingston Steven Smith
James Sydney Byrne Jack Albion Kingston Roger Southwart
Anne Camm Mrs J Kitchen Claire Helen Spencer
Brian Cannon John Knight Claire Spencer
Elsie Cannon Cheryl Lafford Daw Malcolm Spencer
David Carr John Christopher Lagoe David Spooner
Lawrence William Carradus Frances Margaret Lambert Dorothy Spooner
Brian James Carrington Frances Margaret Lambert Sid Spooner
Mr David Carruthers John Lambert John Keith Stalker
Jim Casson Lance Sylvia Stephenson
Rose Chandler Sidney Lane The Stephenson Family
Neville Chant Patricia Last Connie Stewart
Charles Steven John Lawrence Hugh Stewart
Merrill Charlton Gordon Lawrenson Frank Stinson
Victoria Charlton Peter Lawrenson Mr David Stirling
Joyce Charnley Mary Pamela Leach Mrs Lilian Stirling
Eva and Jack Clare Alexander Leah Paul Stonehold
Christopher Clark Wilfred Levey Joe Storrie
Christopher Clark Mrs Barbara Lewis Catherine Stowe
Dorothy Clark Warren Lewis Catherine Stowe
Colin Johnson Clarke Ann Lightfoot Alice Ann Strack
Paul Claughton Jim Lindsay Stefan Strojny
June Clement Albert Lingwood Ann Suart
Nora & Robert Clement Herbert Liver Ken Suart
Ron Clement Yvonne Anne Livingstone Harold Sutton
Betty & Edward Clements Sylvia Mary Longstaff Hannah Swarbrick
Madeleine Clements Claire Lonsdale Anne Rosalind Sweeney
Mike Close Claire Lonsdale Dr Anne Sweeney
Brian Clough Bill Lorimer John Sweeney
Eric Neal Clunie Marjorie Love Jimmy Swindlehurst
Edith Cole Max Love John Tallon
Kathleen Collinson Max Love June Tallon
Allan & George Collison To a Dear Dad, Love Ethel Dora Taylor
Joe Connell To a Dear Mum, Love Ethel Ian Taylor
Lawrence Cooke To a Much Loved Husband, Love Ethel M. Patricia Taylor
Charles Leslie Cookson Loved Ones Mr. Thomas Taylor
Emily Grace Cookson Keith David Lowe Alan G Taylor
Chris & Jenny Cooper Nancy Pamela Lowe Reggie Thackrah
Mr Barry Cooper Alan Thomas Loynds The Garrigan Family
Roy Copson Fiona Lucock The Haddock Family
Dons Corbyn Bell Lund Dr John Richard Theobalds
Dennis Corcoran Harold Lund Barbara Thexton
Beverley Croft Keith Lynch Barbara Thexton
Paul Croft Ted & Joan Lynch Bronwen Thomas
Jim Crompton Tina Lynch Kenneth Thompson
Harry B Crone John Renwick Macarthur Carolyn Threlfall
Stephen K Crone Doris Barbara Macbeath Guy Tinnion
Esther Croskell Barbara MacBride Gordon Todd
Eric Cross Denzil Macbride Burton Toft
Jean Cross Jenny MacDonald William Toft
Andrew Crossland Mrs Margaret MacDonald Winifred Mary Toft
Ian Crossland Janice MacKenzie Brian Tomlinson
Joan Crossland Christina Maddison Margaret Tomlinson
John Crossland Liam Maloney Tony Tomlinson
Herbert Crowshaw Audrey Maly Yvonne Tomlinson
Bernard Curry Christine Mann Tommy
Jean Cutts Stephen Mansfield Dad Tommy
Jacqueline Roxanna (Roxy) Dalling Margaret Grandad Tommy
Mrs Monica Dalling My Mum Marion Howorth Christine Tootell
George & Dorothy Dams Michael Markham Ian Campbell Tortoishell
Eric Daniels Alan Marr Lloyd Tose
Richard Darby Barry Marsden Marjorie Townson
Dorothy Davidson Graham Victor Marsh John & Doreen Trumper
Henry Davis Hugh Martin Dave Tucker
Stuart Davis Phyllis Martin Janice Turner
Sue Davison Phyllis Martin Christopher Unsworth
Debra Robert  Martin Frank Unsworth
Peggy Dengis Sheila Martin Derek Uttley
Denis and Irene Shirley Martin Myra Uttley
Derrick Violet Martin Val & Doug
Robert Dewes Stephen Martin Norman Harold Varcoe
Albert Dewhirst Mary Vera
Dexter Jacqueline Mary O’Neill Sydney Verden
Neville Dickinson Ella Mason Peter Vollands
Ronald Diffenthal Ella Mason Brian Wainwright
Gwyneth Dilley Joyce Mason Olive Waite
John Frederick Dilworth Wood Mum and Dad Mason Anthony Walker
George Dirkin Virginia Mason Elizabeth Walker
Janette Dixon Anthony Mason Hornby Mrs Walker
Lilian and Harry Dixon Mum & Dad Mathers Eric Walling
Marjorie (Bunty) Dixon Arthur Matthews Margaret Walling
Ronald Dixon Maurice Betty Wallis
Brenda Dobson Ellis McCartney Joan Walton
Eunice Doddrell Lilian McCartney Hugh Francis Walton (Frank)
Gilbert Arthur Dodge Robert McCollum Barry Warbrick
Mr & Mrs R Dodgson Kevin McComb Eileen Warbrick
Arthur Doherty Andrew McConnell Margaret Lilian Ward
Mum Dorothy Donaldson James McCourt Ruth Elizabeth Ward
Doris Elsie McCoy Thomas Ward
Dorothy Kate McDonald Mr. William Wareing
Dorothy and Harry Joe & Joan McErlain Harry  Warren
Esther Downey Neil McGartland (Dad) Mione Warren
Leo Duckworth Barbara McGartland (Mum) Bob Watson
Margaret Duckworth Jean McGowan Donald Watson
Edward (Ted) Duffy Mark McGowan Melvyn Watson
Michael Duggan Peter and Teresa McGrath Rita Watson
June E Dunkerley Barbara McGraw Janette Mary Watt
John Dwyer John Michael McHugh Joan Webster
Maggi Eastwood Ruth McKenzie Bird Mavis Weir
Tony Eaton Brian McNeil Jean West
Christine Eaves Jane McShane Ada Westwood
Edmund Robert & Ivy Megennis & Family Donald Westwood
Edmund Michele Melici Alan Westworth
Elaine Members of the Warbrick Family Alan Westworth
Margaret Jean Elbourne Bernard Mercer Basil Whitaker
Vera Elders Brian Metcalfe Shirley Whitaker
Glenys Elsey Micky Elizabeth L Whitehead
Gladys (Gag) Elvey Allan Middleton Bernard Harold Whiteside
John (Jack) Elvey Allan Middleton Joyce Whiteside
Emily William Midgley Martin Whiteside
Eric Jack Milburn Robert (Bobbie) Whiteside
Mary and Bill Ewan Dusty Millar David Whitfield
The Bolton Family John Millar MBE Norman Whitter
Alan Farquharson Tony Mitchell Lorna Whyte
Ann Helen Farr Mitzi, Tabatha, Meg, Brian & Humphrey Ronald Whyte
Pam Fawcett Daphne Mold Anne E Wiggins
Sheila Fawcett Molly, Sammy, Sam, Gilbert, Max, Barney & Zorro David Wigham
Tony Fearn Christen Morch Maurice Wilby
Hazel Fearnley Charlie and Rene Morgan Bernard Wilcock
Paul Featherstone Mary & Fred Morgan Bernard Wilcock
Maureen Feathertsone Elizabeth Elsie Morge Arnold Wild
George Ferguson John Nelson Morphet Arthur Wild
Margaret Ferguson Mabel Morris Peter Wild
Margaret Ferguson May Morris Evelyn Wilkes
Mr. David Hugh Fergusson Mrs Denise Morris Sidney Wilkes
Harold Fidler Betty Morrow Mr Bert Wilkinson
Gerry Field John Morrow Mrs Edna Wilkinson
Dorathy Fielding Ruth Morrow Pat Wilkinson
Roy Fielding Thomas Morrow Sandra Wilkinson
Shirley Fielding Mr Peter Mortin William Wilkinson
David Fish Jenny Morton Mrs Lilian Williams
Ken Fisher Margaret Mulhall David Willis Parkinson
Tom Flanagan Eunice Mulholland Mary Wilson
Elizabeth Fleming Thomas Mulholland Mrs Nellie Wilson
John Fleming Mum Norman Wilson
Tom Flint Mum Pam Wilson
June Brenda Foster (Sister) Mum & Dad Diane Winder
Peter John Fountain Mum & Dad George Winder
Edith Fox Mum & Gren Lynn Winterburn
Jonathan Fox Mummy Doris Wood
Nan Fox Lilian Muncaster John Edward Wood
Babs Foye Lilian Muncaster Norman Wood
Frodka, Tilly, Felix, Mandy, Dotty & Marley Muriel & Geoff Brian Woodburn
Aidan Frodsham Anthony Murphy Gordon Woodhouse
Julie Frost Janice Murphy Jean Woodhouse
Thomas Bernard Fryer David J Murray Harold William Woods
Linda Furney My Daughter Julie Keith Woods
Kate Gadd My Husband David Leslie Woof
Dorothy Galbraith John Nelson Tony Wootton
Elizabeth Gamble Alfred Newby Wendy Olwen Wray
Reginald Gamble Brent Newby Wendy Wray
Arnold Gardner Ann Newhouse Daphne Wren
Betty Gardner Mrs Ann Newhouse Alice Young
Brian Gardner Pamela Newsham Frank Young
Harold & Mary Garnett Margaret Nicholls Pauline Young
Brian Garside Walter Raymond Nicholls William Young
Ann Gatenby Harry Nichson Your Wonderful Wife, Joyce
Patricia Gatenby Sylvia Margaret Nobbs Pat Youren
Allan Gaunt Frank Norfolk
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