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all proceeds of e-book coming to st john’s

We were recently contacted by Ann Blackburn, daughter of Ken Blackburn who sadly passed away at St John’s earlier this year. Ann and the rest of the family wanted to raise some money for St John’s as a thank you for the care Ken received during his time here. When we talked to Ann about the details of the fundraising and the reasons behind it, she sent us a lovely email that just sums it up perfectly.

My dad died on 2 February this year in St John’s, where he received the best of care in the four days he was there.

My dad, Ken Blackburn,  was  a passionate environmentalist. He was chair of the North West Lancashire Conservation society back in the seventies and involved in an anti nuclear campaign group called Half Life. He met Tony Benn when he was Environment Secretary in the seventies and never stopped doing his bit for the environment.

So when he started getting unsolicited junkmail from an unknown source a few years ago, promising him prizes that ranged from a camera through to £20,000, he was annoyed at the waste. He tried to stop them, but to no avail. Then he decided to take a different tack and write back. Letters from a Junkmail Revolutionary, a Kindle book, is the result. It’s a kind, gentle, funny and eccentric book – a bit like my dad.

My family and I are giving every penny made from the sales of the book to St John’s Hospice. You don’t have to have a Kindle to read the book; it can also be read on smart phones, iPads and tablets if you download the Kindle app. “I challenge you not to laugh at this dry, quirky, eccentric account of an old fella’s revenge on those infuriating ‘You could have won £20,000’ letters. Charming, funny and deeply satisfying!” says one reviewer.

This is such a heart warming email and we urge all of our supporters to buy this book and help Ken’s memory live on. The book costs just £2.32 and is available HERE on Amazon.

Thank you to Ann and her family for sharing this story with us and for the very generous gesture of the donation.

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